Photos And Short Video Clip Of A Bird House In A Guitar!!

in #birdsnestlast year

A few years back some birds made a nest in a decorative guitar that we fastened to the side of our shed outside!! The birds had babies!! I remember when they swooped at my head as I walked by the guitar hole! Hehe. Today we are doing some early spring cleaning on this quiet down time. We are going to tear down the shed and we are cleaning up everything inside. So we took the guitar with the nest in it off. You can see inside the whole nest there! Wow it's kinda cool!!

Here is the short video as it turns from front to back!!

We let our yard garden go wild!! Hopefully more critters will come around. Haha we had a whole family of skunks last year. Saw a salamander once!! We have some seeds. Will plant soon!! I want to go all out for the garden this year.

Interesting to see all the different stuff the birds use to make the nest. It's pretty wild!!