Open mic's birthday week (preview of the week 105) Rehearsal for the open mic.

in #birthday3 years ago (edited)

Hey, stemians! Crist here.

I started working on Monday and did not have time to take a look at Steemit, but yesterday I was cooling my house and, obviously, I got into my steemit account to see what's new and what's my surprise. No more than this week's entry from my colleagues at @funkmedia. It was amazing, and then, while reading the post, I discovered that this is the first anniversary of Open Mic.

I do not intend to participate in this open microphone of the week (mainly because my new work leaves practically 0 to add a day of production). But as a legitimate birthday present, I present an essay / preview for next week, open mic. I hope you like it! 

See you later, Steemians.

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