You deserve all the happiness in the world today

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You are a barrister and that makes you a star. All your life experiences are training you to be a shinning star just like their is no general without a scar. Keep showing forth your light, that's the only way to shine even brighter.

Your mourning is over and you are left with only the laughter.

Nobody can treat you anyhow because in His hands you are a precious daughter.

How can someone be this beautiful in and out without the trait of a little monster?

God is the one leading you, no wonder you are moving this faster.

Who can even dare you because at your back you have the greatest fighter.

Who can deny your strength as a woman when it is obvious that you are stronger than a tiger?

You are a sojourner here on earth, just keep living with the consciousness of heaven in your heart till you get to a land where you will no longer be a stranger.

For you, I can keep writing just like the pen of a ready writer, but I will have to stop here so as for you to have enough time to enjoy your day like someone taking his super...

Happy birthday once more dear, long life and prosperity.

I am emmakkayluv, my pen don't write, it only bleed my heart on paper....

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