Message For My Mother Birth Day

in #birthday4 years ago

Happy Birthday to my fabulous mom! You are my best friend, the strongest person I know, you love so hard & are the most supportive woman on the planet.

  1. Please put this party hat on your head and take this cake from me, it’s made with lots of love. Happy birthday, mom.
    3.On this special day I want wish the most amazing woman and my best friend – happy birthday. Enjoy your day
  2. Mom, though your child has now grown up, but I want to remain as your kid forever. Happy birthday mom
    5.I couldn’t post a Happy Birthday Wish to you Mom on your Facebook wall since we aren’t Friends. And yes I still consider it stalking that you want to be my Friend anyway.
  3. Mom, I’m so honored to be your child. It’s more than blessing for me to have you as my lovely mother. Happy birthday.
    7.They say that love and happiness begin at home and you have always shown that to be true. Happy Birthday.
    8, When I don’t see you, I think of you. They make me feel loved and I want to wish you, happy birthday, my gorgeous mama.
  4. You have always made me feel like the most precious person in the world. Thanks and know that I appreciate it. Happy Birthday

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