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Congrats on Your First Year @Project.Hope

How Fast a Year Can Pass

I've been sort of taking working vacation. Just as I was planning to get back into regular postings, I was made aware of Project Hope's one year anniversary.

This post is dedicated to Project Hope.

What follows are some of my early PH memories.

Before Project Hope, we worked as a group of writers seeking to create quality content in areas of technology, crypto, and business. This is a bit of an oversimplification but it helps those who were not here at the beginning to understand the mindset.

An Inclination to Improve the Human Condition

Doing good was always a focus of the community.

I was overjoyed when @crypto.piotr told me about a new project that hoped to uplift Venezuela. I was familiar with some of the events there. After all, it's not uncommon for someone in crypto to be aware of economic issues around the world. At that time, my focus was on the cryptocurrency that the Venezuelan government sought to link to its oil reserves.

There's an important distinction between blockchain and crypto. Blockchain is being explored by large corporations and governments to improve things like logistics and supply chains. A true blockchain also has a decentralized cryptocurrency. This is not what the government of Venezuela was proposing. It merely sought to adopt blockchain technology to both circumvent embargo issues and improve its digital ledger.

And all this time, the people of Venezuela were suffering. This is why I simply loved the idea of Project Hope. I knew that if we could succeed in making a difference in Venezuela then we could impact other areas of the world!

Where My Thoughts Labored

Now allow me to go into a bit of a story about India for perspective.

Prior to becoming aware of Venezuela I was examining how investors were profiteering so substantially from Bitcoin trading in India. The nation's currency was in free fall and the government would eventually discontinue some denominations.

At one point, investors were able to buy Bitcoin and instantly resell in India for 20 to 30% profits.

As one might imagine this caused great concern among Indian officials. The nation's citizens began to realize that they had an option to their national currency that they were quickly losing faith in. Seemed like quite a chaotic mess. But this was nothing compared to the problems that Venezuelan citizens were facing.

Mind-boggling Events in Venezuela

I'll illustrate how much more dire the concerns were in Venezuela with two points and then close.

  • Imagine going to the store to buy a loaf of bread. And imagine needing the equivalent volume in paper currency as that loaf of bread. I remember images of large blocks of paper bills littering the streets.

  • The other illustration is that wages were said to be in the single digits for the month. That's not a mistake- single digits for the month (in terms of US dollars).

A World in Crisis and a Message of Hope

All is certainly not well in the United States- and not all suffering is due to the pandemic or preexisting issues. While stock markets hold steady, microeconomies are failing in regions throughout America.

We are no longer an isolated world and must use internet technologies in positive ways.

We are interconnected and our products are more globalized than ever. As an aviator, I love the idea of an interconnected world; however, the type of globalization that some propose is very dangerous. Decentralization, and not tech monopolies, is the way to go.

Hats off to all the independent thinkers and writers that make up @Project.Hope.

Happy birthday.

Better is the end of a thing than its beginning, and the patient in spirit is better than the proud in spirit.

- Ecclesiastes 7:8 ESVfrom via celebrating_birthdays

This is my eighth post in my/itt/ series. I leave you with some inspiration from the initial post:

The landscape of blogging and social media is changing.


Spread the word and create exciting opportunities.
For more information about @project.hope, fly over to the main site here and view content by other #PH authors.

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