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RE: Leverage Trading - 1 Bitcoin Can Be Traded For 100 Bitcoins !

in #bitcoin4 years ago

Sir l have seen your vedio on YouTube regularly from 2 years
And I started my treading with 250 dollars and make 35000 dollars in one year
I build a home from my dreading moneyIMG-20180629-WA0057.jpg


I am super happy to see you succeed my friend and i wish you get all what you ever wish in life as success don't come easy if you are not willing to work over it to achieve it .

I have also a dream to make a house for my parents now we live in a rented house.I have learned so much by watching your video.IT really helped me to understand about trading.Thanks so much sir.Love you alot.

@aadram520 Bravo, great achievement. Just curious what business inspired you, I mean are you into trading, dropshipping or something else?

Bitcoin coin trading is very difficult because you don't know the market then loose your bitcoin in market .

Nice advice sir these post

So happy to see your success and achievement

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