unsolicited advice-Take Your PROFITS!

in #bitcoin4 years ago

Being a grizzled veteran of the crypto-currency game (3 whole years!) has taught me a few things. 

1. You know absolutely nothing! No one does. Well maybe you know there's many pump and dump scams. And many copy/pasted coins with no dev team and a slick website promising the moon with nothing but an crypto-exchange listing behind them. 

2. What goes up almost always comes back down. I really can't imagine the justification for the market caps behind some of this stuff. Think about it. $100,000,000 for a good whitepaper, a github acct with some code that works, and a bold concept with a (supposed) team of anonymous crypto-currency coders, web dev's, pr team, wtf ever else. Geez! I am not dissing anyone btw. just stating facts.

3. 100 mil is the value of some giant manufacturers with millions of dollars worth machine tools, dozens of employees making 50k+ a year, and actual production contracts producing fucktons of (extensively engineered, expensive, and high  precision) shit. How in the fuck is a website, whitepaper, and slack channel (with a handful of devs writing code) worth as much as that? Maybe you know something I don't. I know the industries this tech is threatening to disrupt are worth billions upon billions but damn man...

4. Have faith, but don't buy the bullshit. I sincerely hope that this 60+ billion marketcap we've flown past is pushing things in direction of a decentralized financial and government utopia. But I am not naive enough to think that this threat to the powers that be isn't on their radar. I mean shit, it would be no big deal at all for wall st to blow this bubble up and brutally pop it with the precision of a quant surgeon. As a phenomenon, it's still only about 33% bigger than one sole traditional money transfer racket (Western Union).

  1. We all know something, no one knows nothing. We in crypto were smart enough to know the legacy systems suck - which is why Bitcoin is up 30,000%

  2. Crypto is NOT too high - all of Crypto is less than the total value of one man (Bill Gates). Crypto still has a long ways to go. Wait till all of the Stock Markets are moved to Bitcoin or Ethereum using just Exposure. Just like we use to browse the internet over phone lines, and now we make phone calls on the internet. You can even spend USD or EUR or CNY without ever leaving the Blockchain. Wait till there is more FIAT being used within Blockchain than in the pockets of people.

  3. All the big corporations are Intermediaries of the people. Corporations do not make anything - people do. Intermediaries, Fees, Taxes, Agents, Brokers, Rent seekers, Registration, Licensing, Permits, and a million more, take all the excess money. With Smart Contracts, we can one day delete those middleman industries, which suck the life out of the productive industries that you are referring to. Just wait till the fall of FIAT.

  4. The Crypto world is severely under valued. It's not even bigger than one man (Bill Gates) when it will be bigger than Wall Street. I'd love to hear how you think Wall Street can blow this up with the precision of a Quant Surgeon. These guys are not that smart. They win by force, but the blockchain cannot be threatened, it doesn't have a Fight or Flight Nervous system that worries about it's very existence. You can't point a gun at the blockchain and even if you did, it would not be scared.