PalmPay v1.1.4 Released - The Point Of Sale app that pays every 3 seconds. Bitcoin Cash, Dash and Monero added. Spark and EasyDex settlement features on the way.

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What is PalmPay?

PalmPay Point Of Sale app

PalmPay enables any business to accept one or more digital currencies at zero cost.

PalmPay is a free Point Of Sale (POS) app that can be downloaded to any android device, tablet or smartphone.

Download, run the Setup Wizard, register a free blockchain account (like mango-grocery-123), secure your backup, choose which currencies you would like to accept and open your doors to new international customers!

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Which coins does PalmPay support?

Accepting Bitcoin is easy. What about Steem, Dash, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Monero and Litecoin? What about market-pegged coins like bitUSD, bitCNY and bitRUBLE? PalmPay lets you accept all of the top (and emerging) coins, automatically. Flexible, price-stable, and future-proof.

Merchants can now accept currencies from all over the world, including emerging currencies, automatically.

How much does PalmPay cost?

Nothing. If you have an android device, that's literally all you need. PalmPay is 100% free. No setup fee, no registration fee, no app fee, no transaction fees, no monthly fee, no fees at all.

Merchants no longer have to pay any fees.

When customers pay, where do their coins go?

To the Bitshares Decentralized Exchange (DEx). Merchants receive the price-stable coin (aka: Smartcoin) of their choice, such as bitUSD, bitEUR, bitRUBLE, etc. So, if a price-volatile coin like Dogecoin is received from the customer, then that coin is converted into a Smartcoin and is sent to your DEx blockchain account (like mango-grocery-123). This way, the business owner never has to worry about complex account addresses, price volatility or some company holding their money, and account keys never leave the device.

Merchants never have to worry about price-volatility or some company holding their money.

Does PalmPay support Loyalty Points?

Yes. Set it so that when a customer spends $n they receive x number of tokens to their mobile wallet the second their payment is completed. These tokens can be cashed out on the DEx, or cashed in as a credit on their next purchase at your business.

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What about the Bank?

PalmPay does not require you to have a Bank account.

Banks are becoming crypto-to-fiat Gateways however, digital asset Brokers, and Crypto Exchanges. This is great because PalmPay merchants who still desire to pay bills with fiat can now rely on Banks to convert (for example) their bitEUR to fiat Euros.

Is PalmPay fast AND scalable?

Yes. Transactions are fully confirmed in 3 seconds or less. We recently exceeded 3,300 transactions per second too, which rivals visa/mc. The DEx is used for all transaction processing since it is the only blockchain in the world that can handle such volume with multiple coins.

PalmPay is faster and safer than cash or cards.

Does the customer need to pay with a special mobile wallet?

No. The customer should be able to pay with any mobile wallet that can scan QR codes or NFC signals. Bitcoin Wallet, Jaxx, Dash Wallet, Mycelium, Monerujo, etc.

Does PalmPay come with free on-site support?

Yes. The 0.5% Network fee that the customer pays goes directly to the local PalmPay Ambassadors in your city, just 3 seconds after the transaction takes place. PalmPay is in 44 languages, so that's why providing local support is imperative. Imagine getting paid every 3 seconds..

To become an Amb, or to locate your local Amb, just join us in the chat:

The video above is just a 30sec demo to show you how a basic transaction takes place. The customer scans the QR code with their phone and sends their Bitcoin, bitUSD, Dash or whatever, and then the Success screen is displayed so the customer can go on their way. The above transaction and Ambassador payout can be seen here:

What's new in this release?

  • Massive improvements in network utilization, less data used
  • Improved UI/UX, and more devices supported
  • Added support for Bitcoin Cash, Dash and Monero
  • Improved eReceipts and export tools for Accounting


v1.2 quick update

  • Adding support for more locale fiat currencies like:
    • Argentine Peso ($ ARS)
    • Australian Dollar ($ AUD)
    • Canadian Dollar ($ CAD)
    • Chinese Yuan (¥ CNY)
    • Euro (€ EUR)
    • Pound Sterling (£ GBP)
    • Japanese Yen (円 JPY)
    • Korean Won (₩ KRW)
    • Mexican Peso ($ MXN)
    • New Zealand Dollar ($ NZD)
    • Russian Ruble (₽ RUB)
    • Swedish Krona (kr SEK)
    • East Caribbean Dollar ($ XCD)


  • Upgrade Architecture to AAC; speeds up DEx access through background ops
  • Implement additional coin bridges (like Morphit) to support more coins and to always clear slower coins like Zcash in <3sec
  • Add Manual and Auto-Settle features to PalmPay;
    • For example, send n% of your Smartcoin balance to your Gateway account (like EasyDex or Spark) every n Days.
  • Add a Night Mode toggle for use in nightclubs, classy restaurants, etc.
  • Add Yubikey Neo support for Manager overrides

PalmPay Point Of Sale app

PalmPay is being improved constantly, and has a very supportive, sustainable community of crypto savvy Ambassadors who are paid every 3 seconds to share their crypto knowledge. He/she can also help to bring you new business, promotional materials, hold meetups, etc.

Share the news about PalmPay in the Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, Monero and Bitcoin Cash communities! They'll probably be very happy that their coin is being further accepted in merchants worldwide, and, supported at the local level.

Please and Thank you! :)
Peace, Love, and Agorism.


Sorry for the broken video above. This one replaced it:

This is great news!! I can't wait to be able to pay at the local store with crypto!! Bye bye fiat

Exactly. It's way past time that we get cryptos to the mainstream. Being a chain-agnostic merchant is the way to go :) Thanx for spreading the link in those communities @cryptoseven! UPVOTED

Makes me soooo happy this project is continuing strong!!!

This is awesome!
Great job!
When will it be ready for iPhone users???

Thank you :)
Getting approval for crypto apps in the Apple store is extremely difficult, so a couple years ago, after many appeals, we finally gave up. They do seem to be loosening up a bit recently though, so if they do have more of an open mind now towards crypto apps then we will revisit that idea.

I appreciate the reply.
Apple just updated its rules regarding crypto so maybe it's conducive to submit the app now.
Glad that you're open to keep trying, don't give up! Once you're on the AppStore the user base will explode!

How much is the customer fee?

Sorry. I find out after reading once again.

Great Ken. Just waiting for Crystal wallet. Purchasers can pay with only one touch :)

Get a free Bible for your phone, tablet, and computer.

Nice we need more supportig currencies from all over the world to increase adoption :)
This is super fast payment!

This looks very promising, looking forward to a public release!

I first got confused with those two statements:

  • "No setup fee, no registration fee, no app fee, no transaction fees, no monthly fee, no fees at all"

  • "The 0.5% Network fee that the customer pays"

After watching the video it is clearly visible. I saw a deviation, 1.55 on the top and 1.5497 in the bottom. Where does the difference come from?

If I pay the merchant 1.5497, lets say through the webwallet, how does PalmPay get the 0.0497?

The number is just rounded up so that the UI is less confusing for the customer. The exact amount is embedded in the qr code. The merchant does not pay any fees. The consumer pays the 0.5%.

finde ich absolut gut

Great work guys! We're really excited to be working with you on this.

Likewise, onward and upward! To da mooooon!
Thanx @easydex! :)