#BTC Update from All Technical and Fundamental Aspects and two coins good signal

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Technical Overview

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Looks Like BTC Correction Time is Over, and 6K Support became really Strong one, Although It Should Not Dump anymore and Should Stay Above 8K Support

Next Big Move in Short Term Would be 8700-8900 USD

Then Towards 10K USD 

Fundamental OverView

1. United States Tax Filing Closed on 17th April, Which is Definitely a bullish News for BTC

2. FIFA World Cup is Going to Start on Mid Jun, and The Big News is FIFA World Cup Tickets Can be Bought Through BITCOINs, Which is Definetely a Hot News for BTC.

Also, We Know A lot of Bettings Will Be going to Happen during this FIFA World Cup Matches, And Mostly Bettings Will Be Happenning through BTC, Thats also a Bullish News for BTC, People will Buy BTC and Price Will Move Up

Till Jun End or July Mid We Are Expecting BTC to Reach again its ATH 

which is 20000 Dollars, and It will go Beyond 20000 Dollars and will Make New ATH

All in All, BTC is again on the Bullz

👉BUY #ELF UNDER 12375➖12650 SELL TARGET 13900➖14545➖15800

👉BUY #ELF UNDER 12375➖12650 SELL TARGET 13900➖14545➖15800

All trades are very risky, especially Alt trades. We recommend you to use scalping swing trade strategy 5-10 minutes deals, positions longer are very risky.

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