Convert your “dust” to gold (cash) . What is "dust"?

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Convert your “dust” to gold (cash) . What is
"dust"? Sometimes when you move or trade coins, you end up with small amounts remaining on the exchange — amounts so small it doesn’t make sense to do anything with them.
That is, because the fees to trade them would be higher than what’s actually left.
These small amounts are called “dust.” Now on Binance Exchange if you have this dust, you can use it and keep the change : Binance recently announced they’ll let users convert this dust to Binance coin (BNB). BNB can reduce your Trade fees by 50% ; it is always growing in price. If you had purchased this coin at under $2 on 11/29/17 you would have 7.5x more value at current $15.29 Log into Binance.
Go to the “funds” tab. Select Balances.
Click “Convert to BNB.” You’ll see a list of all your “dust.” Check off the coins that you wish to convert from dust to BNB.
Hit “exchange.” All the coins you selected will be added up and converted to BNB (less a very small fee). You can keep them as BNB or use the BNB to buy bitcoin or any altcoin with a BNB pair on Binance.

All trades are very risky, especially Alt trades. We recommend you to use scalping swing trade strategy 5-10 minutes deals, positions longer are very risky.
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This dust is big money for me.

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