Price of coin is 33% decreased in less than 24 hours

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Price of coin is 33% decreased in less than 24 hours. Selling orders are huge. People are disoppinted after a long patience, validator tensions . We all expecting Dascoin management will choose at least 1 big Exchange, Why hurdles didn't removed in 2 years period? These exchanges are quite new. Even one if these is developed last month. Only dascoins people are trading there. Then what's difference b/w webwallet exchange and these?
Wow. So many negative comments. Yes I was extremely disappointed with the choice of exchanges. However, it could have been much worse tbh.

Imagine they launched on Bancor. It’s a big name that people would have recognised and been happy with. However, most people would not be able to handle the manner in which slippage works on Bancor.

Or get onto HitBTC. Again we would have seen people swinging from the chandeliers in excitement. However, they would then be crying when they see the transaction fees they’ve been charged.

Dascoin has gone to some very small and unknown exchanges. There is nothing to say that these new Small exchanges won’t be the next binance, Bittrex or poloniex.

People are disappointed that it’s NOT Coinbase? Be realistic. It took BitcoinCash and all of it’s power around 6 months to be on Coinbase. The Ripple CEO was the most wealthiest person in the world briefly in Dec. Even they can’t get on Coinbase after a few years. You expected DASC to be listed there? That is naive.

The smaller exchanges brings with it the silver lining of volatility. In this group we’ve tried to help you guys understand some of the strategies to implement to gain from this volatility. Study the patterns of movement of coins over the years. They don’t go up in a straight line. Dasc being on such small exchanges gives us the opportunity within the last 24 hours to have picked up coins as low as $0.1 and also selling at $3.2. I know the trading volumes have been low. Most of the license holders are novices to crypto. They would not understand the complexities and potential pitfalls of larger exchanges.

Contrary to some messages above. People that did not work on the MLM side have made money. I personally am one of those people. I saw the vision very early on and bought a President license. It was a big risk at the time. I believe in the long term plan. I didn’t do any mlm. I actually sent all prospects to my Downline’s referral link to help my Downline.

Let’s take the positives and look forward to moving forward. This is only the beginning.


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