Recent reports regarding the corruption of State Bank's Corp.

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Recent reports regarding the corruption of State Bank's Corp.


First of all, the property bank does not have the right to declare something illegitimate by law, and in the country there is a National Assembly for the law, it is necessary for the corrupt coronation to be declared invalid, in the National Assembly. In order to discuss, a Standing Committee should be formed to discuss various suggestions and later it should be brought in the National Assembly where the official Sh members considered illegal according to the opinion.

If there is a route and then President Zardari will sign it, then it will be treated illegally. And yet nothing has happened, it is a warning that State Bank has issued its subordinate banks to stop the transactions used in buying currency exchange exchange. Why stop because you can understand all the better that the horse will eat grass if he will eat, in this whole note, corruption anywhere is not legal legal agreement 

It has been written that it is not accepted by the government, and they do not have a legal status, that is, they are legally non-league. Shia is also a big fight between world banks and corruption currency, and the banks are fighting with their own existence 

Secondly, corp money industry is not so light as some people are getting it. Attempts to control it all over the world are successful in some countries and people of this industry have filed a petition in the Lahore High Court and have heard it. Hopefully the results are good. Shallah Allah

And the third thing is to ban corporation's corruption. The vast majority of people do not have much money, so many countries eventually come to regulate it after all the efforts. Because the proxy can be transmitted from anywhere, and it is very difficult to control it.


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