Binance exchange crypto coins signals shares for you

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BUY :: 900 - 940

SELL :: 1050 - 1250 - 1700

STOP LOSS :: -10%



BUY :: 175K

SELL :: 195K-220K-240K

STOP LOSS :: -10%


images (1).png


BUY :: 1150

SELL :: 

1450- 1700-1950-2200-2400

STOP LOSS :: -15 %

2× Potential Coin.🚀🚀🚀


( Binance )

Entry: 0.0014685/0.00145

TARGET 1 :0.001567

TARGET 2 : 0.00166

TARGET 3 : 0.00172

TARGET 4 : hold 

STOP LOSS : 0.00137

All trades are very risky, especially Alt trades. We recommend you to use scalping swing trade strategy 5-10 minutes deals, positions longer are very risky.

images (1).jpeg

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