TSLA BUYING 1.5 'BILLION' $$$ Worth of Bitcoin... (Rumor?!?!?!?)

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Mr. Musk is being rumored to be on the verge of purchasing one and a half billion dollars worth of Bitcoin, through or along with Tesla (TSLA) but, I'm confused... I thought he already made a large buy???


Imagine what such a single purchase by an extremely popular company and individual would mean for the Cryptocurrency Market? His interest already has some coins exploding upward. Now we need some quicker movement with Steem in the right direction :>) It's creeping up, but slowly...

I might be confused about that TSLA buy, or missed something, but from what I heard, they bought Bitcoin last quarter and was only just made public by the SEC?

On another note: The Stock Market closed at an "All time high"... Silver and Gold is UP, along with Cryptos...!?!?!?!? If everything is mooning at the same time, does this NOT signal the DOOM for Fiat perhaps sooner than expected?


A Confused @AngryMan on Steemit.com

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I just bumped into one of your older posts about Elon Musk

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