Bitcoin hits hard with Binance's hacking news: 10 percent depreciated

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The crypto money markets left behind an eventful day. Within a few minutes yesterday, several events related to the 10 percent depreciation of the $ 9700 level from the $ 10,600 level of living in the bitco have begun to adversely affect the markets again.
The first of these; according to transaction volume, authorities in Binance, one of the world's four largest crypto money markets, did not detect suspicious transactions. The value of Viocoin listed in the Binance exchange has climbed so fast some time before bitcoin crashes, and the total market value jumped from $ 64 million to $ 159 million (presumably the hackers were in open positions in another stock exchange).
Later on, the company explained that some customers on Reddit have problems with their assets and that they are searching for the subject and that the problem is with registered API keys. This pointed to the fact that an application using the API key of the stock exchange, not the Binance stock exchange, or the clearinghouse was opened by hackers. -Takas boots or smartphone applications are connected to the stock market through the API key that you have created for the crypto money exchange that you are registered. -The Binance Stock Exchange stopped the transactions immediately and then the CEO of the company Changpeng Zhao on Twitter confirmed that all the customers' assets are safe and that the losses announced that you were taken back.
Another incident was the news that the half-billion-dollar BitConin of the MTGox stock market, which closed yesterday in 2014, was sold by the trustee between December 2017 and February 2018. First, on December 22, it sold 6,000 bitcoins, causing prices to drop from $ 16,000 to $ 10,800. After waiting for the recovery of the markets, on January 17, 8 thousand pieces of bitcoin were sold again, causing the market to hit the market again.

Then, on January 31, it sells 6,000 bitcoins again, and finally, on February 6th, the markets are selling at the lowest level with $ 6,000. Apart from these sales, there are 180,000 bitcoins waiting to be sold in the hands of their fathers, and these sales are being made to pay damages to the victims of the pepper attack, which caused the MTGox stock market to close in 2014. So it is obvious that 180 thousand bitcoins will be driven to the market again with these intervals. Another fact is that the MTGox stock market has damaged the crypto money markets for the fourth time. Even if the stock market is closed, it seems that the markets have not been able to recover from this.

Your essence is, as we have always mentioned, your assets in the crypto money markets are not really yours. No digital asset that you do not own PrivateKey is yours. It is your responsibility to safeguard your own assets. Please be careful when investing.


Just another day in Bitcoin really. :)

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