A Simpler Day - Written by Another Poet

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The mysterious mysteries of the Illuminatic conspiracies I've been an anarchist since back in the days of misconception recollection of a time that was much simpler than the day I find myself living in today. Living on bitcoin watching the bits and bytes learn the ways of the trade the ups and down days the highs and lows of life and fortunes made.

Poetry is words to come to the mind rhymes that seem to stand the test of time and fold and follow the signs to where you want to be. I guess seeing is believing but simply believing is good enough for me. Where are we going if not to go somewhere we've already been before. Humorously humming along history repeating itself but I refuse to repeat along with it no more. It's time to learn from my past mistakes before the mistakes I've made seem to wash the days away.

It's a long lonely road without a friend so get a friend and you'll be much happier as you go through the twists and bends. See these rhymes come from my mind, I don't know what else to say but if you're feeling good that’s great and if ya still need a friend I’ll be your mate.

The lines look right on paper made with pen and pad coming from drips and blots of ink of tears that made me sad trying to read decipher what I wrote the other day just makes me mad.

Now have I lost my way or do I know where I'm going and indeed but just can't simply see which way to go it seems but this world reflects upon an ocean of dreams without our dreams we’ll simply cease to be.

Author's Notes

This is a short poem I wrote in December 2017. I'd very much like to know your thoughts and feelings about it so if you liked it or didn't like it, I'd love to hear your opinion either way!

Another Poet


blockchain free world, no more illuminati 😅

That's the plan... or that's what they'd like us to think... you be the judge...