"How to get in the field of Cryptocurrency"? - Excerpt from my Quora

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Here are my Beginner Steps

Step 0.1 (Optional):

I've curated some top tier bitcoin related videos on YouTube.

It covers not only the EL15 tech that made Bitcoin work but also some of the context and philosophy which powers the creation of Bitcoin in the first place.

Bitcoin Beginner Important Videos - YouTube

Step 1:

Jump the rabbit hole at Jameson Lopp's Bitcoin Resources

Step 2:

still interested? If you are a programmer, check out the Bitcoin Github to see what you can contribute.

If you're not a programmer, try to look for ways to get paid in Bitcoin.

What you should NOT do:

Think of Bitcoin as an investment. Bitcoin (and any other cryptocurrency) will NOT make you rich. In fact 99% people will lose a large chunk of money (get rekt) due to scams, trading mishaps, or just plain stupidity.

Bitcoin is not a get rich quick scheme. Bitcoin is a “topple the central banking system” scheme.

OP: https://www.quora.com/How-do-I-get-in-the-field-of-cryptocurrency/answer/Kristian-Kho-1