CRYPTO 101: VIDEO: World Crypto Network Daily Stream from Today: (~1h:20 mins) | News of the Day w. Thomas & the WCN Crew. | Bitcoin News #52 - No2x movement grows, Japan and South Korea, Overstock and ICOs -- 10-1-2017

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The World Crypto Network is a good daily stream - usually short in the 8-15 mins range, giving an overview of the some of the news of the day.


Some Livestreams can be longer and often are.

Most days the stream goes live in the ~10 to 11 am EST range unless they are travelling / tied up.


Weekly Sunday Show with Vortex:

3:35 NO2X gaining momentum? - Giacomo
7:30 NO2X gaining momentum? - Mir & Tone
10:09 NO2X gaining momentum? - Sam
11:02 NO2X gaining momentum? - Valentin
13:16 NO2X gaining momentum? - Gabriel
21:35 Japan & South Korea cryptocurrency activity - Mir & Tone
25:26 Japan & South Korea cryptocurrency activity - Giacomo
30:00 Japan & South Korea cryptocurrency activity - Valentin
32:06 Japan & South Korea cryptocurrency activity - Gabriel
44:10 Japan & South Korea cryptocurrency activity - Sam
58:25 ICO market maturing with regulation? - Giacomo
1:05:34 MadBitcoins joins
1:07:43 ICO market maturing with regulation? - Mir & Tone & Gabriel
1:14:19 Contact info


Bitcoin news for the week of Sep 25th with @theonevortex @SDWouters @GabrielDVine @vxschmid and special guests @mir_btc and @giacomozucco !!


Charlie Lee has recently joined the popular No2x movement on twitter in an effort to show the corporations that bitcoin belongs to the users, not the CEOs. Is this movement gaining as much momentum as the UASF and will it be just as successful?

With Japan adding Issuing Licenses for 11 Bitcoin Exchanges and the new joint venture between bittrex and Kakao in south korea creating a brand new alt coin exchange support over 100 crypto currencies, and the gaming giant Nexon buying Korbit in South Korea, what does this mean for bitcoin global adoption and will China be left in the dust?

Overstock recently announced they are opening an exchange for legal token trading and the SEC just recently announced a new Unit to Police ICOs and Other DLT 'Violations'. Are these signs of the ICO market maturing?


$4,211.77USD / BTC | Winkdex

Bitcoin exchanges officially recognized by Japan

Suspected dark web drug kingpin arrested after traveling to US for world beard championships - TechSpot

Blake Anderson on Twitter: "Did @BITMAINtech remove all payment options other than BCC or is this an error?"

Renewed Calls For Patriotism Over Politics When Drawing District Lines : NPR

Gerrymandering Is Even More Infuriating When You Can Actually See It | WIRED

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Here’s how bitcoin is dwarfing housing and dot-com bubbles - MarketWatch

Bitcoin Legal Panel - The SEC and You - YouTube Video

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