The next big altcoin on the crypto market – Solaris (XLR)!

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The next big altcoin on the crypto market – Solaris (XLR)!

As the crypto market is stretching between different altcoins, everyone is guessing at what will be the next big time altcoin to “hit the moon”. Guess no more! Solaris (XLR) is going to be the winner this year.

This coin is based on the famous zerocoin protocol with some nice special features unique to the crypto market. Let’s review this coin thoroughly to understand why it will definitely happen this year.

Solaris is a PoS coin which features not only masternodes, but also coin-staking. Isn’t that what everyone dreamed about? Your coins are bringing you more coins, while you are busy doing something else! The staking rewards can be calculated here:

Trust me, you can invest as little as $50 and have them stake to bring you more money each day. Don’t believe me? Try it yourself. You can stake any amount of XLR actually, but if you start with $50 you can see that they actually stake quite often. Just install the wallet from here , buy XLR on any exchange listed here , transfer to your wallet, set staking and watch your coins bringing you profit each day!

If you want a more stable guaranteed daily profit and are willing to invest a larger sum, then the Solaris masternode is just what you need. The masternode is easy to set-up, the instructions are crystal clear, and even if you run into some problems, the team is available to help you on the telegram channel 24/7. ( The masternode reward is calculated here: and it guarantees you at least 1 XLR each day. The collateral for a masternode is just 1000 XLR, hurry up while the price is low.

The next big XLR price increase will happen when the coin is going to be listed on Shardax. The voting is still happening, but it is clear that Solaris is one of the winners. (

If this already did not persuade you into investing a few bucks into XLR, then the next feature will make you run to your bank and invest every penny you have into Solaris.

Crypto exchange + Staking = Love

Wait, that’s not right.

Crypto exchange + Staking = Profit! The Solaris long-term project is the crypto exchange – Imagine investing into a crypto exchange that will also deposit your staking rewards straight to your wallet. Now you no longer have to choose between having your coins in your wallet staking or storing them in the exchange! You can have both! This is the best feature of XLR! The beta of the exchange is happening Q3 of 2018, the real deal will be implemented Q4 2018. This is when the price will skyrocket.

So when you become a lot richer in 2019, brothers and sisters, remember who invited you to this “Big-time Winners Club”! I always welcome tips (in XLR of course!) to my tip jar wallet: SVAvXZNfewtEMgv6BsuGC74bpo4fKaVVMZ .

Stay safe and make profits!
Yours truly,

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