Solid (new?) feature from 1fox and 1broker

in #bitcoin3 years ago

Screenshot from 2018-07-17 10-23-06.png

For those not introduced, 1FOX and 1BROKER are two sister platforms that allow for leveraged trading on the BTCUSD market and traditional markets, respectively. 1fox has a market for BTC/USD, while 1broker has markets for certain stocks, commodities and indexes. Great setup, instant settlement on closes.

I was going to make a few moves today and noticed that a transfer from one account to another (in BTC) yields the following result:

Screenshot from 2018-07-17 10-12-19.png.

So whats that mean? No wait on confirmations and a few cents cheaper to transmit. Sweet deal.


1FOX - BTC/USD Leverage Market
1BROKER - Traditional Leverage Market