MASTERCARD & CISCO JOIN EEA - Amazing News for Ethereum

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Just a few hours ago there was a press release by Ethereum Enterprise Alliance which went viral on /ethtrader and /ethereum on Reddit. The big news is that Mastercard are now part of the EEA which is a big bullish sign for Ethereum. EEA were asked by Mastercard not to make the announcement in their press release, suggesting that Mastercard would announce that news themselves:


Not only that but Cisco joining is also great news for cryptocurrency as a whole, especially considering the one and only Chuck Norris is working for Cisco!


Reddit is going crazy and Ethereum fanboys are going crazy about the idea of the flipenning finally happening:


Ethereum has been on a very strong uptrend going from a low of 135.39 USD a mere two days ago, reaching up to 267.99 at the top of the uptrend today. That is a couple of dollars away from a doubling in price within less than 48 hours.

The price has since dropped down to 228 USD but this correction doesn't necessarily mean the end of the bull trend.

What is your opinion about this news?
Amazing incredible OMG going to the moon lambo flipenning or meh over hyped let's see what happens nothing specific announced yet news?

Comment down below your guess of the price of Ethereum within 24 hours from now and I'll upvote the closest prediction within a day!

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Well, I really think the flippening will happen sooner or latter, it is just a matter of time. But I think that, like it or not, the truth is that bitcoin/ethereum is already an outdated technology. And I go further, I think that all cryptos that still rely on blockchain technology are already outdated, because nowadays we have post-blockchain cryptos like Iota with zero fees, instant transactions and enabled micropayments.

Interesting hypothesis, I like how you think! IOTA sounds mind blowing in theory but hasn't been applied in practice so while it presents amazing potential for the future, Ethereum and Bitcoin are unlikely to lose their positions at the top two any time soon.
When do you predict cryptos like IOTA taking over?

I think Ethereum is definitely going to skyrocket. However, I still believe there is one more dip to be expected before the August 1 situation due to people being nervous of something that may not even happen.

Yes that's entirely possible. Seems based on the size of this uptrend (market cap from 65 billion to 85 billion within a few days) that we won't dip below 65 billion again, I reckon the worst is over :)

Hopefully this trend will continue and there will be more and more adoption by well known organizations. That said, I would become more and more concerned with keeping Ethereum and other Cryptocurrencies decentralized despite being partnered with centralized companies.

At the moment I definitely have concerns that all those ultra high marketcaps will go lower more and more over the next months. I still have a huge trust and also changed a part of my money to cryptos. Let's see what blockchain brings to us in 2018 :)

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