Podcast Episode 3 - Data Networking and Current Bitcoin & Miner Price

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Podcast Episode 3 show notes:

  • Brief overview of price drop in Bitcoin and miners
  • What I am doing now at my midsize mining facilities
  • How to set up a mid-size switched data network
  • Firewall, routing and remote access VPN
Podcast Player below, and Direct Access to Podcast link here: BlockOps Podcast Episode 3
(Unsupported https://anchor.fm/blockops/embed/episodes/3---Data-Networking-and-November-2019-Bitcoin-and-Miner-Price-e98cq0)

This is a youtube video I did a few years ago about data networking. Except for the specific switch type recommendations, most of it is valid today.

I mention some different types of switches and firewalls in the podcast. This is what they look like, click on picture for more info from the manufacturer. You can also get price estimates at my Amazon store.


You can buy these online, but it may be most useful for you to work with a local data networking reseller and system integrator. They can offer you prices just as good as and maybe better than online, can help you plan your data network, and have engineers and service technicians that will design, deploy, upgrade, and support your data network. Find Cisco Local Resellers Here.


Managed Access Layer Switches - plug the miners into these:

Meraki managed switch can be used as a distribution switch for uplinking access switches:

Small Meraki firewall good for up to about 1000 miners:

More information:

BlockOps Crypto Mining Podcast - home for all the podcast episodes

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If you would like professional assistance, see North Georgia Crypto Mining - consulting, hosting, containers, support. NGCM is a business created in 2019 with two of my experienced mining partners in Dahlonega, Georgia (USA). Together we have the experience, skills, and scale to do our own crypto mining and provide products and services to others.



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Have you looked into solar or wind powered mining rigs?

I'd be happy to set up a mining container near a solar or wind power facility. For running a few hundred miners that would be a huge solar power operation.

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