Bitcoin to $7000??? Late night stream

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Bitcoin is on FIRE! Rocketing past $7000 USD it is causing disruptive changes in the crypto ecosystem.
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Yo ,
Thanks for sharing


Two words:

Wow!!! 7.000 it's not too much ???

Of course it's too much. Look how other pure currencies perform as a payment network, then compare their market caps to Bitcoin. If Bitcoin is fairly valued, things like Dash, NEM, Monero, ZCash, PIVX, etc are EXTREMELY undervalued as they provide drastically better service than Bitcoin.

But, what is better??? its not the best valued cryptocurrency???

Bitcoin is one my favourate coin and now u are also bcz u give me detail about it....

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its a best video for bitcoin.
please tell me how to earn bitcoin?

This must be exactly how Robert Shiller felt in the late 90s, repeatedly astounded watching how high dumb money can pump something chasing capital gains.

Keep this in mind: Bitcoin's utility value has not changed since Segwit was activated, around $4500. Ballooning up to $7k+ should be very unsettling.

@boxmining how come you don't accept bitcoin cash donations?

B-b-b-b-b-boooooooooommmmmmm!!!! Haha, forward the revolution!


I been said it was going to reach 7000. Bitcoin is unstoppable it is moving like a bullett train. Bitcoin cash is upnext keep an eye out

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