Please look at ICX @haejin .

I look at his blog every hour minute second i get .

you should get this sms service that has been promoted by another user out here, might be a true timesaver for people like you :-)

I use ifttt to send an email to my phone when he posts on twitter. I have one email address that blasts my phone when emails are received.

wow thank you very much for bringing ifttt up, had to first check what it is and I'm definetly going to use it as well, thanks!

I do the same thing with gmail since it allows you set up filters. You just need to know what your sms number is for your mobile phone service provider. I found all the info I needed by googling it.

thanks guys :-)

I dont know sometimes like this post Haejin does not post on twitter. So the twitter alert never goes off. The SMS service however went through.