Bitcoin & Steem Giveaway #4 | Guess the Price of Bitcoin on November 14th at 4PM EST (You must follow/upvote to win)

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How is it going guys? 

This is bwells coming at you with another Bitcoin and Steem Giveaway.  I will be giving away 0.001 BTC and 5 Steem to the closest guess of what the price of Bitcoin will be on November 14th at 4PM EST! 

How do I enter?

The rules are very simple.  Follow me (@bwells) on Steem and up vote the post.  That will grant you a free guess and a chance to win the free Bitcoin and Steem.  If you resteem this post you can guess two separate prices to double your chances.  The guess needs to be exact and you need to make sure that someone else doesn't already have the same exact guess.  The cut off time for guessing is November the 13th at 4PM EST! 

I will add extra ways to gain more free guesses very shortly in the future. 

Check out my #3 Giveaway here,  as there is still time to enter this giveaway as well. 

^Click this link to enter #3 Giveaway^  I didn't promote this post so there are only 4 entries so far. 

Thanks for participating and I wish the best of luck to all of you. 

I will be putting out a more content soon when I get back from my 1 year anniversary trip on Saturday! 

To the moon, 



$7000, resteemed, will make another guess in a few,days if i remember!

Good luck @blechy. Get yourself another 0.001!

I upvoted, followed AND resteemed
1st guess : BTC = 5491.99
2nd guess : BTC = 6730.11

Here is my BTC deposit wallet in case I win :) : 1KwNzjxHxWF6Hauxuj5eX8ZYmrtvJgJGLp

I like this wishful thinking :)

Thanks for participating!

Wow. You actually won @catchup. You were only $3-4 off too! Great guess!

Congrats. I will send out your bitcoin in the morning and leave the transaction here in the comments. How about the Steem address?

Hehe I knew it :)
STEEM : da9ef6a0645cb420
Thanks in advance
And looking forward to next contests :) I am quite good @ predictions.

Hey @catchup. Just sent the bitcoin sorry for tj delay...I’m about to get your steem sent out as soon as my deposit hits.


Hey @bwells where do you look the bitcoin price, and what was the price?

Received the BTC, trustworthy guy @bwells
And concerning the steem; sure fine.

Hello just leaving the post to make sure u remember about me. Everything fine? I still haven't received the steem reward.

@catchup. Yeah my bad I've been super busy the last few days. I didn't forget about you.

I'm going to send Steem Bucks instead since I already have some on hand. Sorry for the delay my friend.

Will have another contest very soon!

Thanks alot, don't take it personal I thought maybe u'd forgotten.
So to everyone : bwells is trustworthy, he sent me the reward successfully and his contests are the best. Good luck in next ones to everyone!

$8002.355 Usd

Total newbie here. But after a few tries I managed to follow you and upvote and resteem this post.

I thought others might be interested that at this moment, the price is at $6193.86/btc and has been moving up. Also, the average of the 21 guesses posted in the comments here is $6977.26 with a low guess of $5491.99 and a high of $8270.00.

I think the price might pause a bit before dropping again, so I am going to guess $6030 as a first guess and $6350 as a second.

Followed and upvoted.

Guess: 7,770 USD for BTC

Good luck @gotgame. You an SEO as well? We should collaborate!

Thanks @bwells, I'd be honored to work with you.... Is there any way I can contact you?

sure @gotgame. give me an email at [email protected] and I will give you my cell through there. Sorry for the delayed response.

Thanks for getting back to me. I'll definitely be in touch. You rock

Followed and upvoted: $6375.69
My address: 1JZqXrLMidPqCoNJq9Bt4RFaphySNWZdY2

Good luck!

I believe Bitcoin is correcting and headed back to touch the $5,000 mark. So, I'll guess that it wil be $5752 on Nov 13th @ 4pm EST. Great contest! I enjoy reading all the comments!

Thanks for participating!

$8,843. Followed, Upvoted & Retweeted.

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How big can Steemit actually get?
This is a question most of us have asked, i think it is safe to say that the majoriy of us see the potential Steemit has and therefore expect it to grow exponentially, i took a look at some numbers of social media sites like facebook and other social media platforms. The market is huge, im talking billions of users.

Facebook and Tumblr combined have a little over 2.5 Billion monthly users, most of us jumped right on Steemit from the moment we heard about it, why wouldn't you. I think that most people will, so in my opinion it's just a matter of time before alteast 5% of the users of Facebook and Tumblr will flock to Steemit.

If the 5% actually do cross over it will mean Steemit would have an extra 126 million users!

And in what kind of timeframe should we be thinking?
As you can see social media platforms grew super fast compared to tradional media, it think this will only get faster and faster. Everybody is more connected then ever , the devolpment of platforms and technology is at an alltime high so maybe Steemit wil grow even faster and bigger!

I certainly think its a good possibility and expect massive growth, what do you think? do you also think its going to pick up steem? let me know in the comments!

Upvote & Comments are much appreciated!

6.604 obviously.

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$7375.39 USD
Hopefully it goes up ;)

Resteemed! Second guess would be:
$7429.71 USD

Followed and Upvoted !!!

My guess is $7350.69

In trading patience is the key , just buy good coin with good news coming , don't support to join pump & dump if you are late , ( high profit , high risk ) .

Followed & upvoted. My guess would be 6900

flow me i flow you

I hope it will be $ 6850.

why low?

@bwells who wins here? Thanks


Check my other Bitcoin giveaways along with the payouts in the comments if you are skeptical @tabish.

Some of simple step i follow on trading & wanna advice to mine trader friends , if you wanna win on trading you need to follow some rules :-

  1. Buy low , sell high
  2. Always prefer and do put a stop limit
  3. Don't fomo & fud(don't buy at freash high's & don't sell on low's)
  4. Be active in news , watch articles , videos ,etc about's going on crypto world
  5. Prefer to swing the market over than Long Term .
    Hope you follow this 5 step and be successful

Nothing to lose.
I guess 8270 USD

~7730 ;D

lmao we'll see ;P

Well, my first guess is 6742$ per Bitcoin, my second is 5721$ per BTC.
I'm a newbie to steem, greetings to everyone!

I upvoted, followed AND resteemed
1st guess : BTC = 6028
2nd guess : BTC = 5980

followed and upvoted ....

resteemed, followed and upvote

I think It will drop about 40% to invite more investor during the Christmas sale and offer seasons and and it will goes sky rocket right after...its just my 2sense prediction may not always be right

$7898 is my guess.

correction is not over yet, the chart draws the head and shoulders, the bearish trend is still in front ... let's go to 4000 and even to 3500