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RE: Exclusive Offer - Download KAZE Wallet - Get 250 cMail + 25 KAZE ($27.50)

in #bitcoin3 years ago

This is very misleading ! Do not waste your time by doing any of the above tasks. The reward is not at all worth $27.5 !


I checked the price for KAZE. And as to your cMail tokens, they are not even listed on any exchange yet. So how can you claim they are woth $27.5 . I hope you get my point.

The KAZE price at the end of the ICO is $1, if i am correct?

And the cMail tokens are not yet listed on any exchanges, just like the other 2000 airdrops.

The main difference between my project and most other projects, is mine is based on a business that has been running for a year, a registered Australian business.

We promote exchanges, so i have a feeling their is a good chance we will get listed on some of these exchanges ;)

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