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RE: Bitcoin & Steem Giveaway #4 | Guess the Price of Bitcoin on November 14th at 4PM EST (You must follow/upvote to win)

in #bitcoin4 years ago (edited)

I upvoted, followed AND resteemed
1st guess : BTC = 5491.99
2nd guess : BTC = 6730.11

Here is my BTC deposit wallet in case I win :) : 1KwNzjxHxWF6Hauxuj5eX8ZYmrtvJgJGLp


I like this wishful thinking :)

Thanks for participating!

Wow. You actually won @catchup. You were only $3-4 off too! Great guess!

Congrats. I will send out your bitcoin in the morning and leave the transaction here in the comments. How about the Steem address?

Hehe I knew it :)
STEEM : da9ef6a0645cb420
Thanks in advance
And looking forward to next contests :) I am quite good @ predictions.

Hey @catchup. Just sent the bitcoin sorry for tj delay...I’m about to get your steem sent out as soon as my deposit hits.


Hey @bwells where do you look the bitcoin price, and what was the price?

Received the BTC, trustworthy guy @bwells
And concerning the steem; sure fine.

Hello just leaving the post to make sure u remember about me. Everything fine? I still haven't received the steem reward.

@catchup. Yeah my bad I've been super busy the last few days. I didn't forget about you.

I'm going to send Steem Bucks instead since I already have some on hand. Sorry for the delay my friend.

Will have another contest very soon!

Thanks alot, don't take it personal I thought maybe u'd forgotten.
So to everyone : bwells is trustworthy, he sent me the reward successfully and his contests are the best. Good luck in next ones to everyone!

No worries @catchup. I borderline did forget. I was on my 1 year anniversary trip and then I came home to my brother having his first baby. Thanks for your understanding and I hope to see you again soon! I am going to try to get another contest going again tonight.