Seeking Information of Bitcoin Traders

in #bitcoin3 years ago

In December 2018, Skat had confirmed that it would enquire 2,700 individuals who traded bitcoins on an unidentified Finnish exchange. Now, after a month, the agency believes that exchanges within Denmark have facilitated untaxed crypto trading. It is reportedly seeking traders’ information, which includes names, addresses, CPR numbers and possibly, CVR information.

Karin Bergen, the director of Skat, said that scrutinizing a Finnish bitcoin exchange is a small frame of a much larger picture. He stated that Danish bitcoin exchanges would reveal more about how traders used cryptocurrencies to evade tax liabilities.

“With the permission of the Danish Tax Council, we will for the first time gain access to the trades made via the Danish stock exchanges,” he said. “This gives us completely new opportunities in relation to control in the area. Without going too far, I think you can say that this is a big market that we need to look into.”