$138,770 Bitcoin earned 113 days

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Where there's MAGIC, money has no value.

WE is A reflection of ME, in separation infinite.

FOCUS realizes SUCCESS... Craig :)



That's definitely magic brought by your focus. Congrats so much on your success. BCC lending is a fantastic program.

John McAfee $500,000 bitcoin in 3 years. Your thoughts?

To the moon!

50.000 is more realistic but after hearing that Rothchilds are planning to invest big...you never know we might see McAfee prediction

Congrats on your success with bitconnect , i am planning on making my first deposit shortly!!

And a lot of those days you were on vacation.

Gratz, that's a nice achievement, but I think your next 113 days will do over double that!

That's amazing! Just from referal's.
Whish I could get a few referal's on Bitconnect but it looks like it's just interest payments for me, which I don't complain about because they are pretty awesome. Really starting to gain a lot of trust in Bitconnect.
Anyone interested and wanna find out more click here Bitconnect.

Thanks for the info! @alexrickard

Have been on the sideline long now, seems Bitconnect is where the mollar is

I can see, the force is with you!

Keep it up and

Congrats on your success with bitconnect @craig-grant

cant get around to try myself so here my referrer if you need:


Dammm The real money falling from the sky bro you got it bro you deserve it taking the risk high return .bravoooo bro living dream with crypto

Hey, Craig! Can we see the WhitePaper on BitConnect? How does that blockchain work? How does that bot work? I have heard that there is no blockchain associated with BitConnect and there is no bot. If there is no blockchain, and there is no bot, how does BitConnect make anybody any money? Is it simply a referral MLM/ponzi-scheme? How does it REALLY work?

I'm sorry - I just don't believe in "magic" - especially when it comes to me sending somebody else my own money.

i think the money they invest on mining as well i think they have a good business plan
and they have they own ICO

don't send your bitcoin to bitconnect if you don't believe in magic

high risk high return bro :)

@bi5h0p You're alive because of MAGIC. And @craig-grant has seen $138,770 in MAGIC while you WISH magic wasn't real.

Screen Shot 2017-07-24 at 9.54.43 PM.png


BCC is the actual coin associated with Bitconnect, It's listed today as number #14 on Coin Market Cap..I have mined it and staked it before I invested..I wrote about it here..I hope you find it heplful


Thanks - something useful that I can actually read to gain an understanding of what BCC is really all about. Why is it so hard to get people who are involved in this to provide some actual, useful information on this crypto?

wow.. congrats .. great achievement.. keep it up..
Have a great day!

Woow. U have a great day @craig-grant
I hope u visit my post

Congratulations Craig. Keep the crypto cash flowing... ;)

Congrates! how to earn ?

Epic epic earnings !!

one of another good post, good value to this steemians!

amazing bro and keep it up hop you earn more money

Excellent work my friend!

Hello friend, great post, I congratulate you :-) @craig-grant

I'm on the side line with bitconnect. Still doing my own research :)

Congratulations. Would really want to know more about bitconnect and how it works

Well done! Did you transfer a part of the earnings to your banking account or your own BTC wallet?

yes, cashed out over $100,000 and reinvested the rest

This awesome...help us do more..steeming has always felt lovely...its my home..upvoted

Congratulations man! That's some awesome results right there!

Nicely done! I've been looking around for a non scam vehicle to garner more bitcoin. I will look into this myself as well! Thank you for the post!

I really appreciate your works towards the community in making it much better day by day.

Now this is what I like to see! Hard work earning steady profit. If this isn't motivation, I don't know what is!

Thats some cheese brother. Been following your work for a while. Still not sure if I should do some bc lending. Definitly still looking into it but more than intrigued