Being Honest with Ourselves in Crypto

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I recently listened to a talk about Honesty in the Military and I think there is a significant lesson for crypto in it as well.

So Crypto has a big honesty problem, and to understanding the issue is a little complex. Sometimes it is easier to look at other organizations to learn lessons. Here is a speaker explaining a study done of lying in the US military.

The US military has lots of training and requirements. People are expected to complete lots of training, such as suicide prevention, sexual harassment and everyone wants to report 100% compliance. People fill in the box so everyone is "happy." This video explains all too well. Many of these programs have a good intent, but have unexpected consequences.

One simple example was a story board, after an incident, -in combat overseas- soldier were expected to complete a story board, a write up explaining what happened, and what went on to help warn others. But when a soilder is extremely tired, from a long hot patrol, and is goin out to risk his life tomorrow, does he want to "fill out paperwork."

There are lots of things to consider, and lots of things to weigh. Why should we expect 100% compliance when we know it is not realistic? Why do we believe lies?

We have all checked the box on -I have read and agree to the terms of the software.-

There is lots of beautiful language that we can you to couch the truth, but there are major complications.

In crypto, unfortunately the same thing has happened. People are believing their own lies. The truth is relative.

Now mainstream finance also has issues.

And these things are vastly complicated.

Watch the video, hear, listen and understand the issues the military has, and then one is able to look at other companies cultures and areas. Then consider crypto. Unfortunately, we preach a truth, let believe own lies and promotion. There is something absolute.

Truth is absolute. We need to work on changing the culture and expectations. I think like the military there is a deep culture of lies we have old ourselves in the crypto world that we are believing.


So in crypto one might need to ask how many people really use bitcoin? How much is it used? And those answers are definitely less than we think and we promote. If we are not honest with ourselves, one as to honest ask, what do we expect do get?

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