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RE: Bitcoin (BTC) possible algorithm change...

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As newbie, both on Steemit and the crypto/blockchain world I enjoyed reading your post. It is very well written because it's kind of difficult subject, which you managed to explain easily.

Let me try to share my opinion, not sure if I already have enough knowledge from bitcoin. But I would say bitcoin is not fully decentralized anymore. As most people trade it via one of the top 50 exchanges. So I would say the exchanges are the crypto banks. And there are many things that could go wrong there.


More people will start using DEX when they realize that only if you use DEX for trading, you control your private keys.

True, but the advent and increased usage of "DEX's" is changing that. Not to mention a concept called "Cross chain atomic swaps" is changing everything. Look at Baterdex (atomic swaps), Bisq ( decertralised even uses fiat) and Cryto-bridge.

Lol, to be honest I'm totally clueless what you are talking about ☺️.
But since it is weekend I might have some time to read about these subjects you named.

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