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RE: Passive Income: Hosting a Masternode is easier than You Think.

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Dear @hatu

Great post buddy

I haven't been paying attention to masternodes for past few months, but as far as I remember - I couldn't find almost any masternode out there (except of mentioned DASH, PIVX and maybe few more) that was worth investing in.

The biggest issue I see with masternodes is the fact, that investors are receiving "dividents". Which means that all those masternodes should follow very strict law and regulations and should be considered a security token.

From my experience almost every masternode out there has been launched as an utility token. And there is no way anything that provide dividents could be considered to be utility token. For that reason I found it very risky to invest in any masternode.

Also let's keep in mind, that most masternodes are providing very high ROI and giving no ownership / utility. So in a long run it's hard to create demand for those coins. So we're dealing with hight ROI, which will constantly increase supply - and that is a main driving force that will eventually bring the price down.

I had to go over a 10-page technical document about Deterministic Masternode List registration process.

OMG. That would put me off as well :/

Have a great upcoming week buddy
Yours, Piotr

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