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RE: Shedding Transparency on Sustainability Projects. (+ Free STEEM)

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Hello dear @hatu.

One of the actions of the human being that always generates hope in humanity is the support to non-profit charitable initiatives. NGOs throughout the world receive considerable amounts of capital per year.

Corruption scandals do not stop surprising us. Even, these organizations do not escape from it.

As is well known, blockchain technology offers great transparency in the handling of all transactions that are generated. Therefore, its applicability in accounting aspects goes hand-in-hand.

Klimatas is creating a single platform that can enable the need for transparency on charity and humanitarian efforts. Particularly, the development delivers transparency on the funds received by startups that operate in this space, thus giving investors greater confidence in their endeavors.

This initiative is brilliant because it would be taking advantage of the public accounting books and of easy audit that the blockchain provides to maintain the transparency in the administration of these funds.

Good for that!

All best, Piotr.


Well stated.
This is a next gen accounts integration.

Dear @hatu

Thank you for your previous comment. And Im also sorry for such a late reply. I wonder if you even will read my comment ...

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