These new Crypto Millionaire filters will help you find the best ranked value coins

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Hello my fellow Steemians and Crypto Investors,

As followers of this channel are aware, the Crypto Millionaire app was updated last week just a few days ago with many new and exciting features.


Among these new features, my favorite one is the availability of advanced filters to find top coins with a relatively cheap millionth of supply. By using these filters investors with limited funds can find very promising, high ranked, coins and scoop up their millionth of supply without breaking the bank!

For extra info on why owning the Millionth of Supply of crypto currencies is so powerful for long term investors please read at the bottom

So, in this post I’ll be explaining how to use the filters to do just this:

Let’s start with the simplest of filters by opening up the list of coins (plus sign at the bottom of the app). Then, we select “Millionth” on the dropdown, activate the “<” operator and click OK.


This will bring up the list of top coins, organized by their CoinMarketCap rank, where the Millionth of Supply can be bought for less than $2000 USD.

Ok, the list from the filter above is still very long, let’s play a bit more with a combined filter to narrow it down more.

Select “Rank”, the “<” operator and type 20, thus narrowing coins to only the top 20.


Click on the “And” checkbox and then select “Millionth”, “<” operator and type 3000. This will give you the coins that are still on the top 20 by rank but with a Millionth of Supply that’s still affordable for most retail investors. Pretty neat right?

List of coins based on the filter above as of 2/21/2018 at 11:14 PM EST

Now, that you have done your first filters go ahead and have some fun playing with other combinations from the available fields listed below.

These are the filters that I use the most but there are many more combinations you can think of from the available fields

So, what do you think? Do you find these filters useful?

Do you have other valuable strategies to find top coins that promise a great ROI long-term?

Do share your thoughts with the Steemit community in the comments below!


Millionth of Supply indexing strategy in detail

What percentage should you invest in each coin to become a multi-millionaire? A winning index strategy


Investing in crypto is becoming a safer bet each year as Bitcoin and altcoins get older, improved and better established. We are still in the very early days of crypto and the opportunity to strike it rich is well within reach of most people, provided they have access to the internet, modern banking and a little disposable income. However, for most new investors coming into the crypto space deciding which coins to invest in and how much is a very complicated issue.

There’s so many of them, so much information, high tech jargon and amazing promises that sound more like lies uttered by politicians than from the nerdy developers that are pitching them. Every new coin is hyped, packaged and sold like the next Amazon... However, despite all the hype and noise, we can now say with a high degree of certainty that some of them will make it big in the future, but which one(s)?

Facebook vs Crypto.png
Interesting fact: All users of crypto currencies today represent less than 1% of the number of current Facebook users. More details

The reality is, no one knows, whoever tells you they do, they are flat out lying, fooling you and themselves. This market looks very much like the early car industry in the United States. Thousands of car brands appeared everywhere, a lot of them were very promising (remember the DeLorean?), but most eventually went bankrupt, only a few succeeded in the long run.

So, how do I know which coins will succeed?

The simple answer is you DON’T. Trying to pick winners is very dangerous game that most people lose, those who don’t are demonstrably just plain lucky and end up losing everything the next time they bet big. The strategy that I’m introducing guarantees the winners come to you, rather than you pick them up.

How much money should I put in each?

This is a huge conundrum for most investors. With so many coins available and limited disposable income to invest it’s hard to distribute the funds in a sensible way.

Introducing the Millionth of Supply Passive Indexing strategy and the Crypto Millionaire app:

Crypto Millionaire is an app that feeds from the Coinmarketcap’s API and lists (or indexes) the top coins by market cap and daily trading volume. The coins at the top give you a pretty good idea of the current coins being favored by the market.



"Most of the wealth from the millionaires and billionaires of today will be transferred to crypto investors like you and me when cryptocurrencies become mainstream reserve currencies."

The goal of this strategy is to own a millionth of the supply of each of the top coins by market cap . This way you guarantee that if any of them succeeds in the future you will be part of the elite, the top 0.1 percenters and millionaires of the future. If any of the coins (or some of them) succeed(s) and become(s) a widely used reserve currency you will be guaranteed to own a millionth of its supply .

Screenshot of Crypto Millionaire showing the USD value needed to own the millionth of supply of the top coins ordered by market cap. Follow me @CryptoEagle for updates.

It doesn’t matter if you invest $100 dollars every month or $100,000 at once, your goal will be to own the millionth of the supply of the top coins as soon as possible by spending only disposable income . So, if for example, all you had is $100 dollars to invest monthly, you would invest this amount in each top coin according to the percentages shown, no more, no less. At the bottom of the app is the total amount in USD you would need to invest to do this for your favorite coins.

How rich will you be if you follow this strategy?

There are currently an estimated 10.5 trillion dollars in existence. If you owned a millionth of the supply of US dollars right now you would own about ten million five hundred thousand dollars!


In the United States alone, at end of 2016, there were 10.8 million millionaires, according to a study from Spectrem Group's Market Insights Report 2017.

Credit Suisse estimates there are about 35 million millionaires in the world (including all financial and nonfinancial wealth, such as assets, collectibles, and homes). If we compare this number to 21 million, the total number of Bitcoins that will ever exist, we can see that there won’t ever be enough Bitcoins in the world for every millionaire to even hold just one!

Also, this doesn’t account for the disruption of other industries such as remittances, Gold as a store of value and many other new uses of crypto currencies that we can’t even dream of today. As an example, if Bitcoin overtook just 5% of the market cap of Gold, a single bitcoin would be worth approximately $24,000 USD.

money feelings.jpg

But, “introduce any crazy coin name here” is so great, the technology is amazing, so exciting. It’s the future, my guts tells me!

Yeah right, the market doesn’t care about your hunches, white paper promises, or all those great technologies that people sell as the best thing since Coca Cola. Nope, only market cap, volume and related network effect can tell you what coin will end up being favored by the market.

You must re-balance every once in a while

About every 3-6 months you should take a look at the index and re-balance it. If any coins dropped in market cap sell them and re-invest the money on the top coins until you own the millionth of their supply. If there are new coins rising to the top you should invest in them until you reach the goal as well, no more (over invest), no less (under invest). If you don’t do this you are risking missing the upcoming coins and keep investing in the long term losers.

Don’t invest on coins that only briefly come to the top
(Especial thanks to @famunger for contributing to this point)

Even though market cap gives you a pretty good idea of the top 4-5 coins, as you go down the list you will see, every once in a while, some temporarily overhyped coins that come up but can’t sustain their ranking and eventually crash. Only invest in coins that manage to maintain their top rankings for at least 3 months or more. Don’t fall victim to the Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) so typical in this world.

Advantages of this strategy:

  • You will be almost 99% guaranteed to become a multimillionaire by owning the top coins the market finally ends up favoring. You will certainly sleep like a baby!

  • You can start investing with very limited funds and continue investing periodically. Even if you don't get to own the millionth supply of every top coin you'll be certain you did as best as you could with your limited resources.

  • You won't over or under-invest in any particular coin and thus keep risks at a minimum.

  • You’ll skip all the typical drama of investing in cryto. The Fear of Missing Out (FOMO), the Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt (FUD), the daily crashes, the pumps and dumps etc. will not rattle your nerves and send shivers down your spine every time they happen.


  • This is a boring, long term, no feelings involved, passive strategy, you will not have the adrenaline rushes and enjoy or suffer all the crypto drama. Picking winners is reduced to a simple to follow probabilities game.

  • There may be coins that gain 1000 percent in a few weeks that won’t show up in the index until their market cap grows to the top and which you will miss but, on the bright side, you’ll also miss the big losers, the suicide inducing and family wrecking crashes.

  • There’s still the slight possibility (the 1% chance) that the entire crypto world is a huge bubble that will never work, the Internet could come crashing down after an EMP attack or a meteorite could strike earth... In which case we are all screwed anyways and should worry more about food and bullets to fight the zombies...


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The case for a million dollar coin! - Cryptocurrency wallet users vs Facebook users. Where are we now?

Tell me what you think of this post in the comments below. This is not professional investment advise. I'm not your financial advisor. Only invest money you can afford to lose!

Follow me for updates news and commentary on "sane" crypto investing.

Happy crypto investing!

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I installed this app 2 days ago. Quite a fun to use

Thanks @onealfa, glad you like it!

It seems you are very busy updating and upgrading the App my friend. I bet many people will love the new filters. Cheers @cryptoeagle

Thanks! Good job :)

This app gets better and better. Well done!

Good points on FOMO too - tricky to manage emotions in the highly volatile crypto market space but generally, slow and steady wins the race.

This app helps show you the bigger picture. Keep up the good work!

Thanks Steve! Slow and steady wins the race indeed! I just thought I could use a hare and turtle graphic for the app. regards

I haven't seen this app before but I am going to have to give it a try, thanks for the info

New features just awesome...... @cryptoeagle. Crypto app help to the steemit community. So many information here. Brilliant creativity and good effort. Respect you and your activities. Thanks a lot for sharing such a exclusive news.

It's really amazing app. I already use this app. Thanks for share informative post.

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Cool app! I would download it now and try to see if it works for me ;)

This post has received a 27.52 % upvote from @boomerang thanks to: @cryptoeagle

Thank you for collaborating with me to promote this post as explained at

The filter stops the app for me.

Hey, aren't you the lucky one always! If you get the option to send the report to Google please do. Maybe it has something to do with Manna. I'll try it myself, see if it happens to me too. Thanks for the bug report once again!

I sent the report. I wasnt doing it on that one....but maybe that did it...

At least it doesnt totally crash the app...just takes me back to my coin list page....from the top coins page.

So it is a different bug this time.

It's something else. I just filtered for Manna with multiple combinations and it's been working like a champ. They say errors never happen in the programmers' workstation haha. I gotta look at the report you sent in detail to see what's going on


Better you than me my friend. If I looked at the report, we both would be in trouble.

Great info! Unfortunately, it’s not available to iOS users, so I’ll have to get my spouse to download it to his S8...

I've been using the app for a week or so and love it so far. I do have questions:
Is there anywhere in the app that shows percentages I should invest in each? Right now I only invest $36 a week.
Should I be focusing on the cheaper coins in the top 10 before buying the coins with a very high millionth of supply like Bitcoin?
I'm also unclear on what the red circle and green circle with a checkmark represent in the app.
Do you have the spreadsheet in the image available for download? I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around calculating those percentages. Thanks.

Hello Stormrider,
Glad that you are loving the app so far!

Q1- No, that particular feature (percentages) is not available yet. The app is less than 2 months old, we are still adding features and improving it all the time. It's in the pipeline

In the meantime, I've updated the Spreadsheet just for you


Q2- I would dollar cost average with the funds you have available on the top coins but, if you see a good price on the millionth supply of a top 20 coin I wouldn't pass on it. Keep in mind the millionth of supply is just a goal, you just have to get as close as possible and not surpass it too much either for a single coin.

Thanks for taking time to answer the questions. What do the circles pointed out in screenshot below represent?
2018-02-22 19_36_43-These new Crypto Millionaire filters will help you find the best ranked value co.png

Green is for when you passed the millionth of available supply and red is for when you haven't.
In a coming update you'll also get a star or medal after you pass the millionth of total supply

Thanks, that explains why mine are all red LOL. Using your example I was able to recreate the spreadsheet using the CryptoFinance add on for Google Sheets and figuring out the formulas based on your article. I pull all the data from CoinMarketCap on sheet 1 and reference it on sheet 2. All the math checks out, I just need to do some formatting to make it pretty and readable. I'm calculating the millionth of coins against the available supply instead of the total supply, is that correct?
2018-02-22 21_35_33-Crypto Millionaire Plan - Google Sheets.png

Cool, you made it yourself!

Well, the millionth of current supply is nice but the millionth of total supply is the ultimate goal. You decide which one you like better, depending on your resources of course. At the end of the day, all this app and spreadsheets do is help you distribute limited resources in a smart way.

This looks brilliant!!
Thank you for such a quality article, i think we all have FOMO :-)

Yes we do! Haha otherwise I wouldn't be into Crypto ;)

I've created a public version of the spreadsheet in the article that people can view and will be up to date with @cryptoeagle please let me know if I need to change any of the formulas. The CoinMarketCapData sheet is all the info from The Crypto Millionaire Plan sheet references that data and shows the percentages to invest in each currency and shows the millionth of supply data. The spreadsheet requires the CryptoFinance add on. It is enabled on the sheet, I'm unsure if it carries over to others viewing the spreadsheet.

Pretty cool, gonna check this tomorrow against my own version which I coudn't make public because I was importing from the api with a custom script. If it's ok with you I can link to this version in my articles for people who prefer the spreadsheet. The numbers seem correct to me but Im in my phone here, gotta check them side by side.

I don't mind at all, I think you have a great concept here and I'm glad to help. I changed the Millionth of Coins calculation to go against the Total Supply. It looks like the CryptoFinance add on to the spreadsheet carries over to everyone who views as it looked fine in an incognito window. It looks to be refreshing on open like it should as well.

I made an update to the spreadsheet this morning to tweak the CoinMarketCap function to auto refresh the data regularly, so you don't have to close and re-open the sheet to get current data. Since Steemit doesn't have direct messaging, you can leave me comments on the sheet to request changes or make suggestions. I'm also in most of the Steemit related Discord channels under the same handle, @stormrider.

There are currently an estimated 10.5 trillion dollars in existence. If you owned a millionth of the supply of US dollars right now you would own about ten million five hundred thousand dollars!

wow. a friend recommended your blog to me and this is the first post i am actually getting to read.
Hopefully when i am less busy, i will go through your entire blog.

This article was very informative and rich in knowldege.

I think you should consider a lecturing job @cryptoeagle



El mundo del dinero real y digital tiene una gran batalla de posicionamiento, apenas vemos los choques o las colaboraciones de estas tendencias. Desde que se inventó el papel moneda y su respaldo el oro todo era tan sencillo.

Ahora la humanidad se encuentra en este dilema de ver si los papeles y el bi competirán con lo físico vs lo virtual...buen post. los felicito

interesting post really informative.

Great informative post and your new features is so beautiful..thanks for sharing your post.i like you and follow you all time

wow. it will really help me. :) it has so many exciting features. thanks for sharing

This app will be a great revolution in the Crypto Market.
My best wishes are with you.
I'm not a trader, but will download it to see how can we ue it.

Congratulations on the launch of your application.
I'm sure it would be a great success.
Downloading it on my android :p

this app is really amazing i also using this thanks for post.

appreciate your work really well job.

@cryptoeagle amazingly done i was not viewing your posts but when i see you get 194 sbd on post i m amazed congragulations sir

nice app thats a good deal with time to work on it

good work done by you i like it

just ah perfect click!

this great post I appreciate your information thanks for sharing this crypto currency news.. best of luck..

thats pretty cool to know...Thanks for your valuable post.

i will try in this case. hopefully easy .. thanks.

that's so informative post, thanks for sharing sir.

Amazing app sir... seriously i never thought it was that best...👍

Absolutně nechápu tuto aplikaci?? Co jako má ukazovat?

thank you for your informational post,,i am really impressed,,thanks for sharing

i use this apps,its really awsome @cryptoeagle

Thank for sharing this Post.
I appciate your every post....resteemit.

Investing in the top 20 ranked coins is only half of an even more diversified strategy. Personally, I invest in coins that have very low current market cap, as these have a much greater potential for growth as compared with coins which already have a large market cap. For this reason, I personally recommend investing not only in the top 20 coins, but also in many different coins, including very new coins which have great potential for growth. By investing in coins with a current very low market cap, their potential for tremendous growth is very high. By investing in many different kinds of these low market cap coins, your chance of investing in one which may grow tremendously is higher. Personally, I think of each crypto as a lottery ticket. Not every one will be a winner, but you really only need to hit on one winner. So that coin which is worth practically nothing, which you invest only $15 today might end up worth $150,000 in 6 months.

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