The most mind-blowing feature of Ledger Nano S that everyone has missed

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Nowadays, it’s common for crypto trader/investor/enthusiast to carry around Ledger Nano S. However, it’s seems like everyone has forgotten that Ledger Nano S has a magical feature: an alternative for google authenticator. There is an application called Fido U2F.*XrIiU7fLgAFwXm4O

Fido U2F allows you to replace Google Authenticator to log into your gmail account. If you’re still using Google Authenticator, please turn it off immediately and start using Fido U2F instead.

How to use Fido U2F for gmail? First, make sure to install Fido U2F on your Ledger Nano S. Second, log into your google account and find 2-steps verification tab.*BsjKbGUv-FOgFToe

Then proceed to this page:*pXqqe_Ylkw16igYz

Click on choose another option then select security key*hz7ONaPDgD99KN-t

Proceed to this page, make sure to turn on your Fido U2F application at this point.*1_D_urGd3zbDvIeG

At this point, there will be a message on your Ledger Nano S, so tap on the ✅icon.

There you go, everything is ready. The next time you log into your gmail, make sure to turn on your Ledger Nano S and verify your login credentials. On another note, please remember that Fido U2F only works on chrome-related browser like Brave, Chromenium, Epic Privacy Browser, etc. Other browsers like Firefox or Opera may not support this feature.

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