Turkey’s Unexpected Rise to the Top of Global Crypto Adopters

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Turkey’s Unexpected Rise to the Top of Global Crypto Adopters

"Turkey’s financial regulators have helped the country rise to the top of crypto and blockchain adopters"

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Cryptocurrency Exchanges Have Come a Long Way, and That’s Good for Users

Cryptocurrency exchanges are undoubtedly one of the main pillars of the cryptocurrency industry. They let new users buy crypto directly and bridge the gap between the traditional financial world and this nascent space.

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Bitcoin Cash Community Funds Eatbch Trip to Ghana

This week members of the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) community donated funds to Eatbch South Sudan volunteer Thiong Deng so he could spread the word about the benefits of BCH at the Young African Leaders Summit. According to Deng, his journey to Uganda and Ghana h...

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The Battle For China, Who Will Win?

In China, little is what it appears. The vast land of skyscrapers and high speed trains also has unpaved villages and of course actual ninjas. The censored internet can also...

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Market Update: Crypto Prices Improve After 3-Week Downtrend

Digital currency markets have been trending downward in a triangular pattern since the 40% spike that took place on October 25. Following the three-week downtrend, cryptocurrency traders are quietly playing positions while patiently waiting for the next m...

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