Do you regret buying Bitcoin? With Chris Guida

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The other day I sat down with my friend Chris Guida, long term Bitcoin enthusiast, software developer and all-round nice guy, to discuss some questions about cryptocurrency that people had raised on the Internet.

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Do you regret investing?

Firstly, do we regret investing in cryptocurrency? Both of us started buying years ago, so the answer was a clear no. However, there are many people who didn't have the good fortune to buy so early. Chris says it's likely that the crypto market will come around again - just like with a traditional market, there's a boom and bust. It's easy for a lot of folks in the media to say that bitcoin is dead and will never come back - but literally hundreds of pundits have said that before, and it hasn't stopped crypto yet.

Was it a pump and dump?

We also discussed whether the crypto bubble of 2017 was a pump and dump scheme, a manipulated effort by whales and market makers, pushing money in and loudly and taking it out quietly. Wherever there are markets, it's almost guaranteed that people are trying to work them in their favour, but in this case it's unlikely that there's one grand conspiracy to push up the price. The price, and the bubble, is a result of a lot of individual actors, buying, selling, holding, and saying the truth or saying lies about what they're doing.

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I dont regret investing because during the time i've never had money until then. It was always a struggle. I got to actually experience eating normal which made me gain weight since im so under weight for my age. I didnt have to rely on the little amount of food stamps my mom and I got. And because of bitcoin I was able to socialize more with people on the internet and actually talk about something I enjoyed. Sadly most of it went away due to the price drop of everything. Thats okay thou because i've learnee so so much, and this only pushes me to come back stronger and smarter!

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I have 100% faith in BTC if we are comparing it to Fiat like USD you cannot even compare them.
BTC limited to 21000000 USD paper promissary notes lost all value the day the gold standard ended.
The only reason it holds any value today is bc we force oil deals to be sold via petrodollar in middle east. Anytime someone trys to get away from that deal our miltary steps in. Last person to try that was Saddam Hussein and look how that played out. So NO regrets investing in BTC I made everything I invested back from 9 S9 13.5TH

So if your so poor you can’t buy food why did you gamble on bitcoin instead of buying food?

Because i saw a future, and sometimes you need to tske chances to get to a better position in life, did you not?

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I know not to gamble what I can’t afford to lose.

Well we still had food stamps so its not like we were broke. I worked my ass off, just so I could invest in this. Just to be were I were. And it payed off! It wasnt gamnling what I cant afford to lose.

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Your a real fag now that I look back at this. End of discussion. Downvote me if you see this I don't care. I'll hit you back 10times harder

Wow really?

I don't regret it. I did it very strategically, so even now with the huge dip, I am right around even. And I still think it will go up bit time, so I'm hodling for the win!

I don’t regret it. Crypto has completely transformed my financial life for the better. I don’t have to live the hand-to-mouth existence of fiat currency. Now I buy $25 worth every week regardless of cost and put it on the Trezor. It will pay for my retirement.

I invested 1500USD in july 2017 and had 50000USD in my account in december.
2018 I lost 40000USD.
What a ride it was !

I always say, stop buying Bitcoin and start earning it. Steem used to be the best place for new people to earn their way in. I did it myself earning my way in on Steem for years. The problem is we only had Steem and never grew a full ecosystem.

Without a real economy the industry has a center of gravity around Bitcoin and around this almost return of Christ like expectation that institutional investors will arrive to save them from their choices.

Earning crypto is what happens when crypto is used as intended. Buying crypto means crypto is nothing more than a toy for speculators. If it's a toy then don't be surprised if the price is played with just like a toy.

Damn - Well said!

If you search, you will find ways to earn ;)

Nah I’ve learned a lot and had a lot of fun. One of the first rules I was told was never invest more than you’re willing to lose.

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True. It has been heck of a ride. And it is still not over.

That also and understanding the technology as well!

Good advice indeed... 😎

Most of my BTC has been mined, so I didn't bought it directly... :)

Anyway, I didn't regret money invested in mining rigs.. :)

I didn't because I only put money I was willing to lose, and when I cashed out I still made some money out of it.

I mostly bought some to understand how it worked, and I didn't lose anything in the process.

Firstly, do we regret investing in cryptocurrency? Both of us started buying years ago, so the answer was a clear .

I don’t regret investing in cryptocurrency, I have earned a considerate amount of profit from bounties and day trading that is already out of crypto assets & some used on my expenses.

Investing in crypto markets is risky and i’m currently invested with what i can afford to loose.

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I regret NOT buying bitcoin when I first found out about it. I regret not getting into mining sooner. I regret not taking more profit over 10k because I should have known better. A year from now I will definitely regret not buying more now. :)

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nice post i followed you

I do not regret anything

I never regret investing! The only thing I regret is holding my non staking coins as long as I have. They do nothing for me except go up and down in the market. Starting using POS, staking NEO, ONT, QTUM, and PIVX as well as mining. So now my HODLings are making me dividends. My only regret is not doing this sooner. Oh and also investing in Steem! Wish I would have started this way sooner.

I was the same, holding coins that just went down, I’ve mined so many shit coins hoping for big gains and most have gone down to £0 lol. I’ve sold alot and got ont and started staking in December..... I’m looking forward to February when I’ll see what bonus I get from it.

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I hear you bro. Held onto some way too long. I do believe that this is mirroring the Dot-Com Boom/Bust. Blockchain is here to stay. We are just waiting to see which companies will be best positioned to take full advantage.

Never! I even bought at 19K!

Regret? Not a bit, in fact I am using these low prices to buy more.
Look at the future, better adoptions worldwide almost daily, only 3.5 Million more to buy (17.5 Million Circulating Supply) but Billions of people/users all over the world.
I think about the potential and the price 5 years from now and I smile

I mined most of mine, but put most in to alt coins like ontology,neo where you can earn gas.(more risky but hopefully more reward i hope) :s

Gas and MCT both. Are you storing on a ledger or at Neon?

The wild swings we experienced in 2017 was caused by mixed sentiments of market participants with crypto regulations, exchanges coming in, institutional investors, crypto hacks and more. However, blockchain technology will stay even for the future generations.

maybe a little.

but its all been a learning curve.

First let me say good article. I am not sure if it was pump and dump. It seems that ICO's became the in thing. So a lot of people jumped in looking to get rich quick. AS a result you hada lot of poorly conceived ICO's as well as straight out Scams taking advantage of the craze. This mudded the water. The market has now adjusted just the Dot-Com boom years ago. Blockchain tech is not going anywhere. Bitcoin will still be around in some form. But which company will emerge as the Amazon of the Blockchain? That is the company we should all be on the look out for.

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I know what do you mean by that!
Even I know so many people that watched me buying bitcoin at $3000 by the time it when up to $8000 all of my friends said we should have bought too!
But at the end majority of them end up buying bitcoin at $15000 and some of them held to it some of them sold on the way down.
Me my self I believe in crypto and I`m gonna be the future investor in crypto too!

Every of us should understand the difference between market fluctuations and the development of digital investment processes.
If the time of Crypto gone, we should enter the other field of investing.
For now on, the digital asset is a most perspective one.

To some extent I do. Entering the crypto space, especially from around 2012, was all about pump and dump which I personally wanted to make major gains from, but when you look at the future of cryptos and the blockchain, it becomes bigger than that when see how unsustainable the global financial system is at the moment. Roughly $233.5 Trillion in debt, and to who??? That's why, currently I have no regrets because blockchain, bitcoin and other cryptos can change the future of how we operate and manage things better.

very well put! That's the reality, 233.5 trillion in debt. Trillions.... but very few are seeing it.

in investment matters ... all possibilities are there ... because we don't know ... what will happen in the future ... but if we invest just obey the trend that is happening ... regret must be ... . thank you

A trust-less p2p monetary system based on the Austrian economic model is exactly what the earth needs.
We earthlings are more than ready to discard the ages of government monetary corruption.
Bitcoin is the dawning of the age of Aquarius.
We are witnessing the truth and reality of pure mathematics.
Cheers. A.

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Hello @cryptonomics what you say what will happen to bitcoin in this year it good for bitcoin or just like 2018

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I think that there are always risks in everything. then investing in crypto is a very good thing if we do it with intelligence and with some luck. but I do agree, greetings

I started with bitcoin when it was still around $600, sold 1 Bitcoin for about $6000 last year october. Well I definately do not regret buying it, as it made me profit! Now we start all over again, and currently gathering NEO, ETH and AMBR (ofcourse!) ! Upvoted!

good things friend ,,,

NOOO! Bitcoin might be fluctuating for some time now but that can be said on the whole crypto world. But this things happens on this market, only the brave hearts wins in the end.

I don't but only because I got to learn about other crypto and I just transferred all of my Bitcoin to Steem Power. It came in handy.

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Buying mostly vechain and icon these days. The vechain community is much better though, icon people are depressing af

I regret not selling the peak this time last year, I'm now far less well off for it, haha!

Very nice, look, how are you?

even though I bought most of my initial BTC near the highs, I do not regret it at all. Now I'm in the space and I'm better informed because of it!

Technological innovation takes time.

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thank you

No, I found the steemit platform and lovin it... Holding on my bitcoin to see how it all plays out, I prolly should convert a btc into steem while I'm actually using platform, however it dropped to half of what I invested into it about a month after buying soo just holding for now and seeing what happens in 2019.... great post and you have new follower ;)

Nice info

Thanks for the compliment

Yes, Now a good chance to buy Bitcoin. Thanks for this article.

I regret buying STEEM at 0.9$. If i was a bit more patient id have 10k SP right now and would be able to have some more influence here. Instead im stuck at 3.5k and hovering between obscurity and dolphinhood. hehe

Oh well. Whatcha gonna do. :D

I would never say i regret buying crypto... But i do regret not buying it at the right time.

i take the risk jajaja!!!

i love btc the price is down now yeah but it will go up 1 day. BTC is strong

Nope have not regretted it one bit! been buying on the way down and dollar cost averaging...... been able to accumalate at least 10,000 of 3 different crypto's. Whilst its down trying to get at least two more crypto's.

Remember friends that before a large market growth will be hacked one or more exchanges, such as binance ! This situation is very similar to the MT exchange .Gox, most users of this exchange are Russian and Venesuela ! These countries are clear opponents of USA policy .The price increase will be furious "not only Scam projects" but I ask you to protect your funds and keep them away!

I love crypto.

this article helped me to get answer to my question whether i should buy or not
thank Chris

If you don't sell you won't lose anything.

Well crytocurrency like any other money market is bound to go up and down. but the rule of the game has always been to cut your coat according to your clothe..

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I don't regret it. I did it very strategically, so even now with the huge dip, I am right around even. And I still think it will go up bit time, so I'm hodling for the win!

We can't regret it, we hope for better tomorrow

No regrets here, crypto is one of the most interesting markets to trade. It's become second nature to trade alts and the large cap cryptos now. Just like any other pair, fx or stock.

The thing with crypto is you get big moves, and it's also cutting edge tech so the mix of the two often gets more of my attention then other markets.

I don't regret any coin I bought... :-)


Good video i mined my bitcoins in cloud mining but doesnt work for much time

How can I start mining?

bitcoin will boom again takes a time

I never regret it!

We can't regret it, we hope for better tomorrow

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No regrets. Just wainting for next run. ;D

I have lost money!

Hello, how are you? This is very good information. I really liked this. It is very interesting.

Guess it depends on the time people bought BTC. But we agree, good job and good post.

No, by investing money i learnt that never invest the money in that where there is a risk of loss.
So, i suggest my friends and brothers that never invest the money which gives you thecfeeling of loss.

Just wanted to share this news Grin got listed on Kucoin. What can you say about the project? Is it worth to invest in grin?

The only ever regret that I had was choosing wrong places to buy/trade. But not anymore thanks to Coinsquare, it’s absolutely sensational stuff to try! Try now – I believe everyone will love it!