BTC - We failed to break correctly the resistance line

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Hello all,

We were testing the résistance line yesterday but we finally failed :


We are now on a support line and we need to see if this one will stop our drop or if it is just used as a pause.

If that support line is powerfull enough, it will help us to go back test the resistance line in red.
If we break the support line volume, we could go back to the levels around 12300$ so yeah it won't be a good new but it is a possibility.

I wish you massive profits !

Disclaimer : Never invest more than what you can afford to lose. This post is my personal opinion, do your own research before making any investment decisions. If you make any trades after reading this post, it is completely in your responsibility. I am not responsible for any of your losses. By reading this post you acknowledge and accept that.



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J'aime beaucoup ton manière de réfléchir, comment tu a découvert la ligne de résistance ? Pardonne moi si je ne écris pas bien le français mais je l'ai étudié seulement pour le parler et lire.

Bonne soirée @cryptopassion

I am sure BTC will hit it pretty soon.
and It will even hit a new record soon

very nice steemit blog follow you blog and votee thanks.

Hope it go down a little bit, so I can add some more coin to my wallet

Thanks for your TA ! UPVOTE @cryptopassion

We should see at little pull back on bitcoin and alt coins should move higher before the true bitcoin rise above $21,000.

the true bitcoin rise above $21,000

You heard it here first folks, #BitcoinCash to $21,000!

I think that could actually happen! Since is kicker and cheaper, it could over-throne BTC as the main coin!

I would love to see bitcoin cash over $20,000. Hopefully sooner than later

Good post
I like it

I have only sbd

It keep tossing back and forth the resistant line.

Sometimes unexpected thing happens in a cryptocurency.

I am new hope you support me thanks i resttem your post dear good work

Is it going to rise in February? My forecast will rise and we will have a good profit @cryptopassion

What i believe is that sure bitcoin will have an increase but the way people are going for other crypto like EThereum its really something else. Am into bitcoin ans switching to better crypto will cost nuch ans in future might bring much but am confused how these stuff goes . Msybe having all kinds is the best

Fantastic brother, fantastic publication, keep it up ... You can notice that the BTC is forecasting good things for this 2018. Greetings from Venezuela

thanks for your information....thanks for sharing us....@resteem

The price of btc will rise!

What i believe is that sure bitcoin will have an increase but the way people are going for other crypto like EThereum its really something else

thanks for this @cryptopassion 🙂

Thanks for the TA, I really hope we bounce off that resistance line and hit all time highss very soon. @cryptopassion

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