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RE: .95 Cent Steem Price?? - My Take on the Crypto Bear Market - WHERE'S MY LAMBO

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I agree as well :) You can't go wrong by buying some SBD. It's pinned down to $1, it can only go up now. Steem, however, could go down a tiny bit, but I doubt it since it tends to stay together with the SBD value.

I've been seeing the trend for a while and just like last year the market started to spike in November, I think that we can expect the same. I'd bet and buy now if I still had something to buy with.


Absolutely, oddly enough I think it is more stable than fiat in the long run. Because heaven jitters such as JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs and IBM are all opting in on it (cryptocurrency) that is. Once they quit buying up the back end and launch it on wall street it is OVER THE MOON

Well, SBD is pegged to $1, so it's just guaranteed by fiat. Beyond that, it's up to the markets. If USD goes down, SBD can go up, or it can go down with it, but at least it won't go below it. I wonder if this is the "right" investment for the future. :) Right now it seems like it is.

I'm sure you could scrape together a few hundred dollars to invest! I have friends that pulled money out of their ass to buy when bitcoin was pumping and around 14k and now that it crashed and they sold out they say they they would invest if they had the money, its all what your priorities are! Definitely isn't sexy to buy in a bear market but boy does it pay off if you can hold until the next bull market