Bitcoin February seasonality

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For the last 4 years, bitcoin was up 4 years.

Most human activities have seasonal cycles. That behaviour shows up on markets too. We already know many adages about stocks seasonality like: Sell in May and Go Away.

Unfortunately we don't have too much data about cryptocurrencies, so we can see long term effects of seasonality. From coinmarketcap I could get February data for the last four years, 3 of them were bullish.

Seasonality aligns with technical analysis. Based on EW analysis, bitcoin correction is getting near and we might have another bullish February.

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a very important graph.
thanks for the information @ctyptouniverse

That has struck a chord , nice technical analysis . you have grabbed an up vote and a follower for your skill .

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Thanks for sharing. I don’t think the market will turn bullish before the Chinese New Year mid-February. Afterwards i hope you’re right!
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I think you are correct that we are most likely looking at a bullish February. Thank You for sharing this information👍

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