Whats next for crypto: The struggle ahead

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“I've learned from experience that the greater part of our happiness or misery depends on our disposition and not on our circumstances.”

Martha Washington

The metaphor of “uphill battle” seems to be quite fitting as it applies to the current state of affairs within the realm of Cryptocurrency. Being that the mainstream financial institutions have supreme foothold within micro and macroeconomics. But it is not in my nature to cry foul, or utter the words “pity me”. Rather this is the opportunity to explain to those of you in this space, where perspective resides within the mainstays of our minds.

The state and central banks all over the world, have worked together to control the supply of fiat money. Within the framework of fractional reserve banking, we are reminded daily that our money is losing purchasing power. All the while, the loss of wealth is gradual yet calamitous. An individual must realize at some point that no matter how much effort is exerted or time spent, the money you earn today will be worth less tomorrow within the fiat framework.

Fiat currency has become a rigged game within an arena where rules are not respected, and it should be treated as such. Due to the decentralized nature, absence of arbitrary rule, and non-coercive tactics cryptocurrency has inherent value within this digital age. This leads me to believe that the wealth we have lost can now be reclaimed through digital assets and currencies.

Naturally the question becomes “If we have an outlet from the dilution of wealth, how can we change the scope of society to be more accepting of this new money/technology?”. My answer is to use it, talk about it and share it. Use the coins for everyday purchases. Every time I enter a new store or speak with a vendor I have not done business with, I simply ask them “Do you accept cryptocurrency as payment?”. The usual look of bewilderment pours across their face but ultimately, they end up intrigued about the idea. Naturally things progress towards an in-depth conversation, and eventually we are talking pro’s and con’s as far as their acceptance of these payment avenues. Before I leave I always try to supply those interested with good references and resources for not only cryptocurrency, but also blockchain technology and the basic understanding of both. Finally, sometime later I’ll stop back by the store to check in and see if the vendor has any questions or needs any help with setting up payment methods.

I’m not always successful with this approach as far as convincing entrepreneurs to accept crypto. But, I am successful within the means of planting the idea within their mind that wasn’t there before. Essentially, sharing my knowledge and expertise with other individuals.

This grassroots attempt by me has become my uphill battle. To others conferences, meetings, or round table discussions is their uphill battle. Organizing communities of likeminded individuals over the internet to discuss plans of action is their uphill battle. Orchestrating and designing the framework of a document meant for mass consumption such as the Declaration of Currency Independence is their uphill battle. My suggestion to those who want to make a difference is simple. Use it, talk about it and share it. Making connections and networking with other individuals who have yet to realize the severity of what we are up against will become our outlet from tyranny.

The idea I will leave you with will be one of self-reflection and contemplation. What will ultimately become your uphill battle?

-Author: @ancapjf

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