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One of the main issues cyptocurrency exchanges are facing are lack of constant information, unlike conventional exchanges which provides informations as fast as possible, the community has really found the market hard to relate with and this is as a result of similar blockchains different ICO's are using. There are million of market available to the community to do there trading, but not all this markets are transparent, transparency and easy accessibility are features the community will like to address first, before jumping into using any market

There are different problems exchanges face

  • Efficient and reliable security
  • Rate of demands
  • Poor GUI
  • Lack of APIs or protocols to connect systems
  • Transparency

    The Qurrex multifunctional trading platform is a hybrid system that consists of:
  • a centralized node, which is comparable in its effectiveness to modern, cutting edge traditional exchanges;
  • client functionality that meets the demands of users of leading exchange and FX brokers;
  • a blockchain network which, on the one hand resolves problems of secure storage and eliminates middlemen, and, on the other, provides the user with aggregated liquidity from all network nodes, including the centralized platform.
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    Qurrex is a combination of CEX- centralized exchange the most effective solution in creating maximum possible liquidity across the majority of types of trading instruments, and DEX -decentralized exchange an indispensable tool for creating liquidity in low-liquidity instruments such as tokens issued as part of an ICO or the numerous altcoins. It is a multi-functioning platform that has a centralized node, which is comparable in its effectiveness to modern, cutting-edge traditional exchanges. It has a client functionality that meets the demands of users of leading exchange and FX brokers. It is using the blockchain network which resolves the problems of secure storage and eliminates the man in the middle, and, on the other, provides the user with aggregated liquidity from all network nodes, including the centralized platform.

    Qurrex also provies highly-secure storage of digital assets in a separate encoded contour of the node, preventing hackers form stealing the user’s assets. With the degree of transparency that Qurrex offers on its platform, users will be able to trade based on the proven success of other users and not just on the claims of success that are so popular on social platforms. Qurrex is elevating social trading to another level with its approach, proving how combining the potential of social media with the power of blockchain technology can benefit everyone financially.

    Moreover, the project will become an important factor in the development of the crypto-economy, as it not only satisfies the demands and solves the problems of current users of existing exchange platforms, but also creates favorable conditions for a new wave of participants, those not currently represented in the crypto world. Querrrex is trying to overcome all the defects the current market is finding hard to overcome, the transparency level Qurrex is providing gives assurance to market users that there coin is in safe hands.

    WHY (CEX) AND (DEX)?

    What is decentralized exchange?

    A decentralized exchange is an exchange market that does not rely on a third party service to hold the customer's funds. Instead, trades occur directly between users (peer to peer) through an automated process. This system can be achieved by creating proxy tokens (crypto assets that represent a certain fiat or crypto currency) or assets (that can represent shares in a company for example) or through a decentralized multi-signature escrow system, among other solutions that are currently being developed. Examples include: Bitsquare,BlackHalo,Coinffeine,Blocknet,Bitshares,EtherDelta, OasisDex, 0x, Bancor, and others.

    What is centralized exchange ?

    A centralized exchange is a website that handles the trading of bitcoin to fiat or other cryptocurrencies. An exchange's purpose is to allow you to trade BTC for fiat currency and to other cryptocurrencies ( like litecoin, eth, etc, ripple, xmr ).Examples includes: Poloniex, Bittrex,Simplefx,CEX,BTC-E,Bitstamp,Lykke,Bitfinex,Bithumb,BitMEX, Deribit, and others



  • lack of protection and an insufficient level of security (fraud, theft of cryptocurrency from wallets, theft of personal data);
  • insufficient liquidity, especially across low-liquidity instruments;
  • lack of rapid, connection-friendly APIs;
  • low capacity and substantial delays in completing operations in the bidding system;
  • lack of formal transparency, in particular, public and liaison protocols for interacting with clients in the event of any issues arising;
  • malfunctioning due to limited productivity; insufficient performance for peak trading activity periods;
  • non-adherence to the obvious rules of business practice;
  • malfunctions as a result of excessive traffic;


  • secure storage of funds/crypto assets;
  • the vulnerability of the central link/intermediary;
  • the search for a counteragent interested in a deal;
  • the transparency of completed operations;
  • cross-blockchain exchange (e.g. Bitcoin for Monero);
  • supply/demand volumes on equal terms for all market participants.
    Therefore,bringing both CEX and DEX to a single Hybrid exchange will make things more easier and reliable for the crypto community. Qurrex will be the optimal solution that each and every veteran, newbie traders and brokers will use in the future. Positively, it will attract more clients as it will offer more stability and excellent service in terms of handling their users. Qurrex is offering what the community has longed been searching for, it thereby terminate the risk of account been hacked into.

    Token Details:

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