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RE: A couple must watch short bitcoin videos for those wondering why it is not going away yet. Heading to Guadalajara Mexico today to give money away there. Direct to Vendor charity update:

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So great to see these updates and so many happy Faces. I will send some more Steem in a few seconds too.


hello sir,i really salute you & i have sent 1 sbd to's my smal contribution for helpless people @greenman

excellent photography @greenman. i love your post.


Such a great work, i also send @greenman 1sbd directly. He always highlighted the human life statement.
Best photo of the dayDQmQMKarcW3nVApsvwzyFxqCYBCzsTeVPcUcrayEtk7qeww.jpg

your job proves that you are so kind support extremely poor people.and crypto has done your job easy i think.

If you are physically with someone, regular cash is usually best.
But Bitcoin is easier than credit cards. (If you already have Bitcoin). You don't have to fill in forms or give your credit card to anyone.

great post. you are a great man.
thanks @greenman:-)
resteem & upvoted

Yh fantastic..

Yeah...super man @greenman

You are a very good man. You like to help people. I also want to make a contribution to it.@greenman