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So Steemit doesn't have enough TA?

thinking I will change that today by sharing some of my tradingview predictions and post's then discussing them with everyone in the comment section!!

Chart 1 (log longterm study of bitcoins market cycles made back in NOV of 2017 this chart has been followed near perfectly)

Chart 2 (20k is top predictions made in DEC of 2017)

Chart 3 (present day moment)

So where do I think bitcoin is going?
100k isn't a crazy target

How long until we get there?

Nobody really knows for sure but I suspect that due to the nature of trends caked with the demand for crypto we could easily see the prices reach these levels in 2018 or 2019 at the latest (this is just my opinion not financial advice)

This FUD will blow over soon and the markets will be a much different picture then we see today ... its Bitcoin everyone !!! this is a very unique investment that isn't going anywhere anytime soon it has died and revised itself many many times the only 2 rules is to accumulate/buy the dip & take some profits in times of high greed (breaking ath's)

this is my humble opinion take it or leave it been trading Cryptos since 2015 and have a very good understanding of market cycles.

Let me know if you want me to keep posing steemits!

Stay profitable out there!

Dedicated to $crypto trading and youtube videos. 🚀📈🧘‍♂ BTC: 18UPcQSGCBRmpXZ6WtHKfAQ7GX1c58wiCu Donations


Welcome to Steem Dalin ! I can also see a rounded bottom in BTC as you like to say ....
And of course, stay profitable !

Yes the rounded bottom is looking nice :) and the market cap is steady increasing

It's great to see you onboard with steemit. Your quality analysis and almost always very accurate predictions are certainly a welcome addition to the platform. We wouldn't be here if it wasn't for your videos teaching @myempireofshit the basics and beyond about a year ago on your very valuable YouTube channel, so thanks very much from all of us.

You are more then welcome! I am happy to help.

thank you for commenting and stay profitable!

Quick question - when you say to take profits at ATHs do you mean in $ value or BTC (i.e. Satoshi) value for alts? And do you take profits right at the previous ATH value or do you look for a higher target for your first profit taking opportunity?

Please do keep posting, and thanks. Cant afford your signals yet but made plenty on the bits you give away, your last big ETH drop prediction a few months ago. And a little on the ABC you just called, using what I learned got back in before the rally picked up again. Defo know your stuff.

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