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RE: BTC - Represents rare opportunity with prices below Stock to Flow model

in #bitcoin2 years ago

The month with the highest gains for BTC .... disapoint us again :)

Hope that at some point in the next months we will see some green!


April, February, and October become the best performing months when using median returns. :)

February than :)

I actually think we just saw the bottom on bitcoin personally at $6,500. I think we are ready to start heading back up now. We will see.

I still think this is not the lowest we will see...

We shall see, I think we just saw it. The $800 bounce off the lows is the kind of action often seen off the lows.

Everything in BTC charts happens in 4 month cycles... We're about 1 month in for the current cycle... This means we should see the lowest point in December 2019.