You in december: "I wish I was in crypto when it was at 3k"

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I fucking love market crashes

So, we dipped from 7700 USD to 6100. When I opened coinmarketcap yesterday I had a huge smile on my face, even tho I had lost about 300 dollars in USD value. I immediately searched for my creditcard and made a significant buy (about 1/2 of my capital that im PREPARED TO LOSE).

What now?

I strongly advise you to dollar cost average your way down this market crash. I dropped 1/2 of my capital on 6.2k because it is a very big and important support AREA, not level. If we go lower I buy more and more when it drops lower and lower. If we don't break 6k in the long term, I start buying again above 12-12.5k BTC, which for me is a strong signal that BTC will go up to 20k again

What If 6k does NOT hold

This is the chance of your life to get rich, my friends. Do you remember saying in december, "Ouhh I wish I was in crypto when BTC was at 3k". Well this is the chance to sell your fucking house and put it into crypto. It is so weird that people only buy when things go up. Be mentally prepared for a dip and plan your buys. Im looking to buy at 5k-4k-3k. If it dips below 3k im selling myself and putting it into crypto. Please don't forget that getting rich takes time, unless you actually threw your car keys on the roulette table.

Behind the scenes: Im writing this blog in a 120k car while im playing private driver for some rich boy


What im NOT doing

Going in and out tether on a daily basis. This shit stresses me way to much. Unless you have a cristal bowl or sick insider intel, you can not predict where btc will go every day. So if you want to gamble, go put your car keys in the red square on the roulette table.


Btw Tether might not want to open it books to the public, because it has a relationship with a specific bank located in Taiwan, and it wants to keep it secret because otherwise China will shut them down (Taiwan is under China's control, and hates crypto as you all know by now). Other banks do NOT want to work with exchanges because they are losing a lot of loaning power because of people putting their whole bank account into crypto, #me. However, this bank is making a lot of money by taking tether's cash and storing it for Tether!


I will read this after a couple of years in my Bently, smiling to my private driver, and telling him he was dumb for not investing into crypto when it dipped - Peace out lads - Danny1995

This is not financial advice, go do your own research ;)
(I must say this because, otherwise there will be a sneaky bastard that will sue my ass)


without the crashes it'd be boring. it gives entry opportunities to new guys.

Correct my friend

A buyers market, indeed.

Completely agree with this post, In my opinion, this isn't a crash its the biggest sale at my favorite store lol. But I just wanted to throw this in there, Nobody sell their houses :P. As the man mentioned above, Only Assets that he is prepared to lose. :)

That's the way mate.

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