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RE: 4th Dimension: Bitcoin-Manipulation-Cartel — Price-Suppression is the Goal

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The Cartel do exist and they control everything on a global scale.
This video explains a lot of it.


So does this one ...

Killer video - thanks for sharing - any idea as to when it was made?

Whistleblower Donald Marshall led me to that video ... I assume it was made around the same time it was published on YT.

I have been looking at your old posts, I think you should be writing more, yes it is all subjective, and you can tell me to go fuck myself, but some of what you wrote has real value, this ain't about upvotes for me, this is about more honest voices around the platform, before the truth community ends up as the silent voice, there is a battle going on, and the mindless are winning.

hey my friend. I want to ask a question. You know me as you have upvoted my posts. my question is I made a comment to lindseys post and now haejin is negative voting where he can on my comments and such. I as you may know have terminal cancer and need my funds here. is there a way to stop him.

what was this video called?
I want to see if I can find it.