ONIX COIN The Venezuelan cryptocurrency that coalesces with the state

in #bitcoin4 years ago


Is this A Possibility to legalize the use of cryptocurrency in Venezuela?

Will it be a step forward for the state not to catalog us as cyber-delinquent?


The Opinion is yours ..

[Full Info Here] (https://criptonoticias.com/bancos/estado-venezolano-considera-criptomonedas-mejorar-sistema-divisas/#axzz4usFalCIP)

Do not lose sight of ONIX (ONX)

Already Some Stores are accepting payments with ONYX


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The only fact that the Venezuelan government shows interest in the criptomonedas is a step forward. we lack to know what the next actions will be.
I do not know if they will be the same objectives as Japan, which is to curb the dependence on cash as the news says

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