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Hello my steemians. This has been the longest period I have gone without posting in over a year. I wanted to do a post about the government shutdown and Trump/Pelosi dynamic. Fortunately, or unfortunately I have been super busy preparing for the opening of our Bitcoin ATM in downtown Lacrosse. I have talked about it previously, but the date is set and imminent. I am nothing but stoked as this has been a passion and pursuit of mine for the last sixth months. It has been a lot more work then Imagined and we faced a lot of hurdles. None the least was getting banking, which technically we still don't fully have.

Nonetheless we prevailed and hopefully our opening is a success! We will be giving away Bitcoin, t shirts and having a introductory rate. We will also be selling our t-shirts
shirt design fron.PNG
shirt design back.PNG
CRBE satoshi shirt front.PNG
CRBE satoshi shirt back.PNG

I really like the charcoal Satoshi shirt, but that's beside the point.

After this opening I will have another post detailing how it went, and then I should be back to normal form. Can't keep neglecting Steemit!

Thanks ya'll!


Congrats man! How are you gonna handle the banking aspect?!

Thanks! That's the real work around. Already got our business account closed before we even started and rejected by like 10 other banks. Now we are going to use personal accounts then sell the Bitcoin back to the business. Are lawyer gave the green light. It is legal, but cumbersome and dubious

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