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RE: VW Van (update) and living within your means and why you should buy just a bit of bitcoin. Thailand pictures continued, Merry Christmas!

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436 replies...holy shit!

you have to have the biggest groupie crowd on steemit

and they all want your vote

how does it feel? :)


Thanks. Starting to be a bit overwhelming. I started by getting the fun gifs to the top for reader entertaining. Then I see all kinds of desperate Asians looking for steem even creating many duplicate accounts. So far has been fun and some others have called them out. I have warned a few to stop with multiple posts on one blog.

Yeah, I've never seen so many desperate people in one place (on the internet) before, a real shit show :):):)

Thank you very much for the christmas gift in the form of upvotes on my blog. I really appreciate it.

Merry christmas and a happy new year @greenman!

Some of them are extremely funny!

can't argue with that

In the spirit of laughter let me add my funny gif

Ha ha ha Peoples are so funny.Merry christmass and also Happy new Year @Greenman.